‘Willow’ Might Not Actually Be Cancelled, According to Creator

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Warwick Davis as Willow

Credit: Lucasfilm

Film industry news travels fast, especially when it’s regarding the cancellation of television series and movie projects. In the case of Willow, however, that news might have traveled a little too quickly before the creator could give his input.

Willow from Disney +
Credit: Lucasfilm

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In the past few days alone, Disney has announced several delays on their projects, sprinkled in with some cancellations. Earlier this week, the Disney+ series based on the cult classic film from the 80s was presumed to be canceled. But show creator Jon Kasdan shortly took to Twitter to clarify a few things. 

“Neither I nor the folks at Lucasfilm would or have actually characterized it that way,” proclaimed Kasdan on Thursday afternoon. These words alone could mean the Willow series is still alive.

Kasdan goes on to explain in his long-written post, “a decision was made last week to release our main cast.” He was referring to the fact that the main actors from the show do not have contracts signed for any additional seasons. Seeing how no real commitment exists for any follow-up installments to the series, the actors are now free to pursue other projects. But as Kasdan stated in his Tweet, that doesn’t mean their characters wouldn’t be a part of a Volume II in the future.

Willow cast

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Kasdan clears things up by saying it is unlikely for the series to return anytime soon, as they won’t resume filming for at least another year. However, he says that the scripts are ready and that Volume II will be even better than the first season.

This sounds like the real story coming straight from the horse’s mouth. Although, with Disney’s rough return on most of their investments these days, fans should still take this with a grain of salt. Kasdan does bring up that “productions of streaming shows are slowing down across the industry.” This could also be due to upcoming writer strikes or an influx of content draining studios’ bank accounts.

But one thing is clear, Jon Kasdan hasn’t given up hope on the franchise, so there is certainly some hope worth hanging onto.

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