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  1. Birdthulu

    2020 is peak American unrest? Hello have you looked outside? Last year alone we had over 606 mass shootings. And Boyega changing his tune a few years later isn’t “brainwashing” it’s what people do when they grow up and move on. Sheesh this article is very poor. Also Disney totally dropped the ball on his character let it rest. They made mistakes. Let the company spend millions feeling with it. Boyega got treated poorly from fans and I hope he’s doing well away from it all.

    1. Conservativehunter

      You think things are worse now than 2020 when the morgues were overflowing into the streets and nobody could find toilet paper?

  2. Jack Dis

    Y’all didn’t just misconstrue “I’ve made peace with it” with somehow being brainwashed, you left out the very important part where he said a big aspect of his peace with it came from watching Disney step up their game when the haters came for Moses Ingram.

    1. Mason

      People came for Moses Ingram because they didn’t like her character. But Disney thought it was because Star Wars fanbase is full of KKK members.

  3. Dee Rush

    People came for Moses Ingram because she was a black woman portraying a major character in “Obi-Wan Kenobi”, who also happened to be a Force user. Many Star Wars fans STILL cannot get over a black man portraying one of the leaders of the Jedi Order and a powerful Force user. Who are you kidding? John Boyega may have found peace with how Finn was portrayed, but I HAVE NOT.

    1. OG Killa

      The only reason I came to terms with it (and maybe he did too) is because Black men are not a monolith. Some Black men are going to end up soft and emotional…its just that Finn could have been so much more than that. The fact that Disney made his character soft is unfortunate, but not the end of the world. At least it wasn’t Donald Glover playing Lando.

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