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Mickey Scared from the Mickey Mouse shorts in front of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disneyland Paris, an iconic Disney ride

Credit: Disneyland Paris (background image) / Disney Animation (Mickey Mouse)


  1. jake

    I can’t except it was DCA in its prime Tower of Terror, California Screamin’, Soarin’ over California 🙁

    1. Kevin Merila

      It was bob iger’s idea to retheme tower of tower! He should be fired for doing that.

  2. Emmody Spense

    I truly believe it was a huge mistake. Tower Of Terror is iconic and timeless; everyone loved and missed it. Fantastic article as always 🙂

  3. Robert

    These overlays blow, period.

  4. Walt

    Wow a retheme with a sucky, simplistic overlay is not as good as the original ala Splash. Who wudda thunk.

  5. Joxua

    The true mistake was them taking out the original Maliboomer.
    All 3 of these rides(guardians, tower of terror, maliboomer) were the exact same classic thrill ride.
    But anybody who experienced the original Maliboomer ride would totally agree that it was the most fun.
    It was the perfect California boardwalk carnival when dca started.
    But the new “crporate disney” needed to re-brand and re-theme everything to “woake” legal intellectual property so it’s like walking around inside of an advertisement for their new generation of movies. Especially for the garbage new remakes of the old classics. Watch them change little mermaid ride next👎

  6. BC

    The attractions in Avengers Campus are a huge dud. Too bad they had to drag Tower down to that level too

  7. Kevin Merila

    Retheming tower of terror at Disney California adventure and splash mountain at Disneyland and magic kingdom are bad ideas. Those Disney wokeness people should be fired and get good Disney people who cares about Walt Disney should retheme the iconic attractions back.

  8. Jorm

    You don’t even know what the word woke means.

  9. Patti

    BS. Brilliant minds that created TOT replaced by unimaginative hacks all for what? The money? Let’s see if that plan works. I’m getting comfortable.

  10. Laura

    One word

    The TOT storyline was a true snoozer

    1. Julie

      We are WDW people since we live in the south. Visited DCA for the first time and we LOVED the Guardians version. I think it was faster with more drops and we loved the music. TOT is still a great ride but it was fun to ride something a bit different

  11. Elise E.

    I am obsessed with the Tower of Terror, thankfully we live on the east coast & visit WDW more often. We rode the TOT in DCA & it was different that Florida but still a great ride. When we went back & rode Mission Breakout we both said they ruined it, it’s lame now.

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