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Aerosmith and Roller Coaster Disney World

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  1. JP

    1. WDW can’t put Averages in Rock n Rollercoaster’s place because it’s east of the Mississippi River. I say put Jonas Brothers,Or Kenny Loggins .

    1. Jack

      May as well just put Taylor Swift or tear the whole thing down!!!

    2. Cheryl C

      It’s “rockin” roller coaster.

      1. Matty

        Actually, it’s not. “Rockin” it’s “Rock n Roller Coaster”

      2. LA Wayland

        First, the ride is based on the 70’s and the 70’s music represents the culture of the 70’s. I am the 70″s.

        It isn’t necessary to remove the 70’s culture because those of us who “lived” the 70’s are proud to have experienced it not ashamed.

        It is annoying that some many want to color the truth, but if you listen to the music of the 70’s, you will know that is exactly what we were fighting.

        Leave the ride alone, and let people have the freedom to chose whether or not to ride. After all, that is what the 70’s were about, the right to chose.

        1. Mamakin

          No other band or person could replace the best AMERICAN ROCK & ROLL BAND that’s lasted 50 years!!
          They are more than worthy to hold the title to this ride!

    3. Bruce


  2. Tvnutt

    It will never happen

  3. BJ Blaskowitz

    Would LOVE to see Queen on the ride, but it’s not going to happen. Aerosmith is staying, I have been told by my DC members friends. They were even told by the engineers, that nothing theming wise is changing.

  4. Cheryl C

    It’s “Rockin” Roller Coaster…not “Pop” or “Country”. So, unless they’re changing the name, it should be a rock group. Not Taylor Swift or The Jonas Bros., and not a country singer!

  5. halloweenguy

    I thought they were talking about Elton John at first

    1. Rick

      Scrap the music theme … Go with CARS theme, it’s a no brainier, lighting McQueen Racing Academy is right next to it!
      Missing an obvious opportunity to retheme with Disney,s own characters.

  6. Rick

    Get rid of the music theme … And go for a CARS themed coaster with all the characters!
    It’s an obvious choice, I mean lightning McQueen’s racing academy is right next to it … No brainier!

  7. Steve

    Leave it the way it is.

  8. I love the Aerosmith theme just the way it is! It’s a cool ride and I don’t want it change one bit!

  9. Deb

    If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it! Areosmith is a work renowned group and should stay the theme of the ride.

    1. Mamakin

      Absolutely 💯

  10. RJ

    Aerosmith should just stay, keep it as is, stop with the re theming, everyone who has ever been pn the ride since it opened loves it.

  11. MS

    Keep Rock and roller coaster

  12. Dis Lad

    Reset the theme to the IP Max (Goofy’s Son) with The Powerline run. You don’t have to change anything other than the music and set pieces. The coaster can stay the same.

    Since the Twilight Zone theme is almost up on the Tower of Terror, redo the theme to Goofy’s Elevator Service being harassed by the ghosts from the early Disney cartoon, Lonesome Ghosts.

    This way you have no licensing issues moving forward.

  13. Linda

    Aerosmith should NEVER be replaced! They are historically the best American Rock Brand of all time! Keep the coaster Aerosmith related. Maybe just add different songs.

    1. D

      Right !!!

    2. Mamakin

      It just works!
      No one else could fill those shoes!

  14. Jay

    Make it a monsters ink coaster with the doors flying by!

  15. James McGowan

    Leave it alone. Aerosmith represents all there is about American rock and roll!

    1. Mamakin


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