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Halle Bailey as Ariel talking to Scuttle (Awkwafina) in live-action 'The Little Mermaid'

Credit: Disney


  1. Wokeland

    Get woke, go broke. LMAO.

    1. QueenElizabeth

      I would consider Disney’s Little mermaid (1989) woke. That version was based on Hans Christian Andersen’s version, which was not even kid friendly. Disney should have done that version since it’s at least a different version. They completely told a different story with Mulan. Why not tell the original version where the little mermaid dies at the end?

      1. Shaheed Mohammed

        The mermaid didn’t die. She killed the prince.

        1. Kitsune

          No she didn’t kill the prince. She threw the knife and herself overboard. Then turned into seafoam but instead of crashing to exist, she ascended to become a daughter of the air.

          1. TR

            They said the showing of the preview at The Oscar’s was gross and depressing but we’ll just label the entire movie terrible right 👍

          2. Jeffrey

            I’m more excited to see Little Mermaid live action film

    2. Rhoda

      Yep. Pretty much..
      Nothing against Halle berry but honestly the trailer did not look good. Think will stuck with original classics.

  2. P.C. Knott

    I’m smelling another major failure by Disney. Not because of the casting, but because it’s another live action remake of an animated film. Disney has lost its creativity.

    1. QueenElizabeth

      I would preferred the Christian Andersen version. That’s at least a different version.

    2. Matt

      I agree with you.

    3. Cosmo

      Just to point out, the Disney segment and the Warner Bros segment were not included in the international broadcasting of the show. They are only limited to the US audience. Meaning they both are part of the commerical breaks, but pretends to be part of the show.

    4. Eduardo R

      It’s the casting. Don’t fool yourself

    5. Samantha

      Same. I would definitely see that.

  3. QueenElizabeth

    The award shows do need to become like the game awards..they show off previews for literally what’s coming up in the next year and even concept art for future projects. Concept art in general is pretty cool and doesn’t give the whole story away. Though only showing one studio’s product is not okay, there’s so many studios that are producing movies and tv shows that can be previewed. This would be bring in more viewers. Disney Little mermaid is boring, they honestly should have done the Christian Andersen version.

  4. Bert

    This movie is going to be GREAT! Thanks Disney!!

    1. QueenElizabeth

      There’s a little piece of me that hopes if follows the Hans Christian Andersen version. I’m not saying Disney version is bad but variety would great. But yes, this movie does sound good. I’m a huge fan of both Disney and Andersen.

    2. Brenita


  5. The Disney Elite

    You know what else is Gross and depressing, The “New” Haunted Mansion movie! Thats just as Gross if not more gross than this! #WithoutRepectWeReject! #StayOffended!

  6. The Disney Elite

    You know what else is Gross and depressing, The “New” Haunted Mansion movie! Thats just as Gross if not more gross than this! #WithoutRepectWeReject! #StayOffended!

  7. Mason

    I believe Disney made black Ariel only because they are trying to be woke. Disney’s live action remakes should stick to the cartoon 100%. But as a man I must confess black Ariel’s actress is kind of pretty.

    1. Linda

      Stop with the “woke!”
      If you can’t use it in the right context or don’t know what it means, don’t say it!!

      1. Dana

        I agree wholeheartedly, so many people are throwing this word “woke” around and have no idea of where the term originated from or the proper context in which to use it. Enough already!!

        1. Smith Nellon

          Ah, the Keepers Of Language have spoken… or is it woken? Being very certain for someone (who should be) so uncertain. Carry on, endlessly entertaining.

  8. Candice

    Disney needs new ideas. Most of these movies are not original, not even frozen(Ice Queen) and the lion king(Kimba the white lion)They are knock offs. Still very good 😊

  9. Marie

    I think Disney has lost its light and creativity. They don’t make them like they used to. They have lost allot within the past few yrs and they are desperate to make this one more successful. Sorry but these live remakes should of never happened.
    Not going to see it, it looks half animated by the trailer they done at the Oscars.

  10. I got to be honest I love the casting of arial so much she is absolutely stunning and her voice is literally made by angels however my one only critique is I wish they gave her long wavy hair Instead of dreadlocks I just think it would have made her look more mystical. You think of mermaid for some reason you can’t help but think of hair that’s my only critique.

  11. Kit

    Who cares. I simply don’t care. We’re in a recession. We have ufo sightings and banks ate crashing . Worry about the right things people.

  12. PrimeEvil

    the little mermaid had bright red hair not brown dreads. if you can’t write an original story at least stick to the original.

  13. Art is Good

    I mean, I’m not saying what Disney did wasn’t shady because it absolutely was, but I can’t help but laugh at people crying over the “integrity” of the Oscar’s which, while hitting the mark occasionally, primarily votes for the same kinds of movies over and over and tends to ignore some genres and mediums entirely as much as possible.

    Should Disney advertise their movie during an unrelated ceremony where they haven’t given their competition the chance to do the same? Absolutely not, but Disney gonna Disney and, given what the Oscar’s ARE, I can’t say I’m surprised.

  14. Theresa

    The little Mermaid from what I saw from the preview, I can’t wait to see this movie!

  15. Sinjin

    “some filmmakers and fans feel the latter has threatened the honor of the Academy Awards.” The latter was Brendan Frasers name. Please proof these before you publish. The little mermaid was the former/first. Latter is last. Thnx.

    1. Brian

      Lol, while I read that part I was thinking “oh? How did Brendan Frazer threaten the Academy’s honor?”

  16. Rhoda

    Totally ridiculous and definitely unprofessional and just plain Weird to shoe a movie trailer at oscars especially considering Disney owns ABC which hosted Oscar’s and nothing against Halle berry but trailer does not at all inspire me plus special techniques look grainy and honestly will stick with classic.

  17. Trill

    I was looking forward to someone being slapped again. 😞 Maybe next year.

  18. Michael howington

    Yes Disney showing the Little Mermaid Trailer at the Oscars was gross. What a joke. I do not want to see trailers for upcoming movies when I watch the Oscars, I want to see my favorite actor or actress winning awards. Just like I don’t want the winners side on politics during award shows. Come on people

  19. Jason

    The integrity of the Oscar’s?
    Where a bunch of over paid out of touch crackpot blow smoke up each other’s butts to feel special. Half of Hollywood is predators and pedis. How much integrity do you think there is?

  20. Charles Singleton III

    The phrase “stay woke” had emerged in AAVE by the 1930s, in some contexts referring to an awareness of the social and political issues affecting African Americans. The phrase was uttered in a recording by Lead Belly and later by Erykah Badu, plus many others.

    That is the ACTUAL definition of “Woke” LoL you 🤡s LoL.

  21. Cheryl C

    It was wrong of Disney to place a self serving commercial on the Oscar stage. I liked it so little that I turned off the show!

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