Marvel Officially Introduces Native American Superhero In ‘What If…?’

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Marvel has been in the business of doing creative things with all of its superheroes and altering them in a way that feels refreshing. For instance, Namor being changed in the MCU to showcase him as a God of Mexican heritage was fantastic and well-received by fans.

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Adding history to comic heroes is certainly not uncommon for Marvel, as Steve Rogers has been fighting Nazis since the 1940s. Though these characters are entirely fictional, placing them in real-world events can help fans identify more with the heroes themselves.

Now, Marvel is officially bringing in a brand-new superhero, and she is Native American.

Via a press release that Marvel has presented, the new hero is named Kahhori. Kahhori is a Mohawk woman who comes into contact with the Tesseract before the colonization of America takes place.

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Kahhori looks impressive, and it is fantastic that Marvel is now adding a hero that ties directly into this era of American history. Kahhori will officially make her debut in an episode of What If…? 

Marvel Studios also worked extensively with the Mohawk nation to ensure that Kahhori was delivered to the world with the proper respect and was historically accurate. Historian Doug George was also brought in to create Kahhori and stated the upcoming What If…? episode is “remarkable.”

Even more remarkable is that Kahhori is the first original superhero Marvel has released, as she has no tie-ins to any previously mentioned comics. Kahhori might be the first of many new superheroes the MCU will introduce, which we hope is true.

It will be interesting to see how Kahhori will tie into other Marvel stories. Still, her story begins with the Tesseract crashing to Earth and transforming a lake into a gateway to the stars. She must traverse space to discover her powers.

Considering the Multiverse is the most significant aspect of Marvel’s continuity right now, it will be interesting to see if there is a plan to bring Kahhori into the fold of live-action.

Seeing Kahhori appear in future MCU movies or series would be amazing. The What If…? episode that reveals Kahhori is also stated to be her “debut adventure, “meaning we might see the hero in many other stories.

When Will ‘What If…?’ Season 2 Be Released?

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Credit: Marvel Studios

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Marvel has been hard at work at What If…? Season 2, which has a rumored release date of Q1 2024. The media company has not substantiated that, as there have been plenty of schedule shifts lately. However, insiders have claimed that the MCU aims for the animated hit series to return during that time.


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