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Avengers Characters fight in New York

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Me

    Actually, the movie is scheduled to begin filming 6/12/2023 in Atlanta, GA. The majority of Marvel movies are shot in Atlanta. I work in the industry in Atlanta.

  2. Me

    Edit to my previous post Avengers: Kang Dynasty is scheduled to start shooting in June under a Captain Crunch product code name.
    The Blade reboot is supposed to finally start shooting around that time too.

    1. Tim Solway

      If there’s a worry about quality of movie with 2x3hour movies why not make it a 3 piece trilogy?

      1. Lol

        What Trilogy do you know that was a success in the box office?

        1. kek

          Is that a joke?

      2. Knight

        Honestly, I believe Secret Wars would have to be a 2 part saga. If they do plan on having an insane amount of characters like in the comics, I would want and expect nothing more than perfection!

    2. JoeBryant

      As long as they don’t kill Deadpool 3, I could care less.

  3. Chris Wood

    Secret wars, meaning the Beyonder? The should have made this the on going lead up to the next movie. Like the did in the 80s comic book. I have nothing against Kang or this multi verse story. Marvel has the rights to the ff and x-men. They could have easily incorporated them into the mcu, by having them already established in the mcu.

  4. Jasper

    The problem with this whole new “saga” is that Kang sucks as a villain and the multiverse is of interest to absolutely nobody.

    Also, MCU is trying to promote heroes and new groups of heroes that are of little interest to the audiences. They need a reboot with the popular characters instead.

    1. Al

      I 100% agree

    2. Loz Warburton

      Absolutely 100% spot on the mark – Disney is killing the Marvel franchise, just like everything else it touches these days.

  5. Tay

    I have always been a Marvel fan but I’m getting sick of all the drama not to mention that I’m not fond of some of the new actors getting parts. They are losing a good majority of people with to many young actors and all the older characters leaving. There is not much I’m excited about coming up.

    1. Loz Warburton

      Disney is killing the goose which laid golden eggs.

    2. Trey Long

      Replacing Bree Larsen is typical of Disney’s God awful woke management. They don’t call it Moushwitz for nothing

  6. Ray

    The biggest problem with Marvel is that it’s succumbing to woke culture. They are forcing more and more female herpes while sidelining the males entirely. Disney, Marvel’s parent company has been behind this. Films like Buzz light-year which shoves a gay character in people’s faces while reducing the quality of the film, did not turn out well either. The problem isn’t that minority representation is there. In all respects, we have had plenty of female characters before woke degeneracy increased so much. There is no separation between masculinity and femininity. The overwhelming majority of traditional Americans are not happy. The overwhelming and disingenuous portrayal of minority beliefs as having a majority voice is hurting all of our entertainment media.

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