Limited-Edition Collectable Wand Now Available at Universal

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Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Attention Hogwarts students! A new limited-edition 2023 collectable wand has just been delivered to your local Ollivanders Wand Shop! The wand is beautiful and helps to feel the magic surrounding The Wizarding World at Universal Studios Orlando. Keep reading below for more information and fantastic photos!

limited-edition collectable wand
Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

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As you enter Diagon Alley and go through the crowds of witches and wizards, you’ll come to Ollivanders Wand Shop, where kids of all ages (yes, even adults) can pick and choose which wand they desire (or the wand picks you). You can choose from character wands to unique wands between interactive and non-interactive.

The Limited-Edition Collectable Wand Is Wonderfully Crafted

The new 2023 limited-edition collectable wand is beautifully crafted, allowing Hogwarts students to take some of that magic home. The base of the limited-edition collectable wand is a beautiful gold dome that ends in a tremendous pearl-colored grip. The photos below reveal the intricate details that make this wand one for the record books:

limited-edition collectible wand
Credit: Michael Carelli on Facebook
limited-edition collectible wand
Credit: Danielle Reider on Facebook

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What Does the Limited-Edition Collectable Wand Come With?

The limited-edition wand has interactive capabilities that witches and wizards of all ages can use throughout  Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures inside the Wizarding World locations. Hogwarts students will also get a detailed map of  Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, giving them access to 40 different magical places to test their wand skills by performing spells.

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What About the Cost?

The limited-edition wand comes in at $75 (muggle money) and is available for purchase now.

I’m not sure about you, but I want to visit Ollivanders via floo powder, or I just might have to apparate! What do you think of the new 2023 limited-edition collectable wand? Are you going to buy it anytime soon? Sound off in the comments below!

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