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Keira Knightley snubs Johnny Depp On POTC

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  1. Steve Mellin

    She was great in that role .it’s time to move on to different ones .she’s great looking forward to seeing her in new movie’s

    1. Stacie

      I think she should come back … I missed her and Orlando last time ..

  2. Debbie

    I think she should come back. It’s a job like all the other movies she has done. She still gets paid for it. Besides she was so good in that role. I don’t think it would hurt to do it at least once more.

  3. member

    She better do any trick business against him if they ever see each other again and that goes for Orlando bloom too. 17 years Elizabeth left him to die from the kraken when she tricked Jack and didn’t tell Will and any one else what she did to him and took everything from Jack Sparrow and his whole life. First she wanna kiss him now she wanna kill him that reminds me of Evil Dead 2 & 3 Army of Darkness. Jack thought every one knows what Elizabeth did but she didn’t tell anybody when she felt guilty against him. Will was a little upset when he had a talk to Elizabeth to explain why Will: I thought you love jack. Elizabeth I just had no choice. [paused] Elizabeth: he’s rescued now, it’s done with. Will: You chose not to tell me you left him to the Kraken. Elizabeth: I couldn’t. It wasn’t your burden to bear. Will: But I did bear it didn’t I? I didn’t know what it was [Elizabeth tries to past Will] [Will blocks her her exit and pushes her back against the pillar of the cabin] If you make any choices alone… how can I trust you? [ pause] Elizabeth: You can’t. And that’s why she’s out of the picture with him. At the end of the battle when Elizabeth leaves she had a last talk with jack Elizabeth: Jack it will never work between us? Jack… it would never have worked between us. Jack: Keep telling yourself that, darling. [Elizabeth steps foward tries to kiss Jack] Jack: No thank you once was quite enough. Elizabeth: Will you ever forgive me? Jack: No. And she deserves to be outta the pictures she no longer speaks, and longer sings pirates songs in Dead Men Tell no Tales and doesn’t know her son Henry & Carnia’s secrets either does Will Turner. And Jack Sparrow witnesses them. And at the end Davy Jones is coming back so what will happen if Jack & Elizabeth ever see each other again?

    1. member

      And also what will happen if Angelica Teach who set Jack Sparrow himself up telling lies around the world when she returns to have revenge on him same as Davey jones on Will Turner?

  4. Ginny

    I would just like to say they all have a choice if they don’t want to do certain rolls again in a film maybe she wants to move on and widen her acting carrer majority of good actors can perform with any other actor.

  5. Savage Lynx

    Far from a snub, she’s doing another movie and doesn’t want to get involved in the drama.

  6. Riley

    Yeah she should make a huge comeback with the Pirates of The Caribbean at Shipwreck Cove, 5 part film of 10..

    1. Riley

      I-V Shipwreck Christmas stories…
      VI-X Swan Dive+ others

  7. Terry

    I just want Jonny Depp back. I won’t watch Pirates without him.

    1. Deece

      Many,many people will not watch if Johnny was not in it…He IS the movie! Disney should remove every trace of POTC AT THE PARKS people will protest Disney if he is not in movie. Guaranteed!

  8. brainiac

    The Best Captain Jack Sparrow was the opposite virgin of Stanley Ipkiss The Mask, Jason Shepherd, Superman & Batman, Spider-man, Indiana Jones, Ash Williams, Steven M Kovacs, Al Simmons/Spawn, Dr Peyton Westlake/Darkman, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader and his son Luke, Ghost Rider, Oscar (Oz) Diggs, The Punisher, & Madmartigan.

    1. brainiac

      And Deadpool too.

  9. It’s understandable that Keira Knightley may not want to work with Johnny Depp again, given the recent controversy surrounding his personal life. While Depp has denied the allegations against him, Knightley may feel it’s best to distance herself from any potential negative associations. It’s important for actors to prioritize their own well-being and boundaries in order to maintain a positive work environment. Regardless, Knightley’s talents as an actress are more than capable of carrying a production on their own.

  10. brainiac

    Keira Knightley is kinda like the type of the opposite virgin of Amber Heard the ex wife of Johnny’s from Zomberland, Aquaman 1-2 Justice Leauge, & Machete kills.

    1. brainiac

      And Theodora The Wicked Witch of West from Oz The Great and Powerful/The Wizard of Oz.

      1. brainiac

        And Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly Hart from Power Rangers.

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