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Three screenshots of a white man in a blue Superman hoodie talking to his phone.


  1. James

    So not true that they can’t give it back. They can hold it so you can’t use it again while on property, but they have no legal authority to keep your owned property. BS

    1. That’s correct. They can’t take your property. They can give you an ultimatum: surrender the property or leave the park. They aren’t taking anything. You are willingly giving them your property. As for holding onto your item, why would they do that? Someone brings a banned item and now the park is going to provide a service,store the item for free, then return the item later. In what world does that make any sense?

  2. lorraine

    sorry, but you knew the rules being a blogger………..Doesnt bother me if you still blog or not, I never heard of you .

  3. Jason Sanders

    I’ve noticed a lot more cast members treating guests with disrespect. Everyone should always remember how much money you paid for the experience. Are you paying all this money to get treated like cattle or to truly be treated like a guest?? If Disney is charging the prices they are, they need to be delivering on the experience end and treating guests with respect..

    1. Tee El

      What, a hundred bucks and you don’t have to follow the rules? Get real.

    2. Carl

      Respect goes both ways…my daughter worked at Disney World during the mask mandates and she was called vile names every shift multiple times during the shift. She was also threatened to be slapped and hit constantly by “Guests” for asking them to put on their masks. This is her last week at Disney thankfully. She is tired of guests thinking they can do and act as they please just because Disney is expensive.

      1. Mickey

        Carl is right on the money!! I see the guests treating the cast members badly constantly. Just because you spend 100 bucks or more to get in, it doesn’t give you clearance to act like a baby. The cast members don’t get enough props for the incredibly hard job they have. Kick anyone out for being rude to any Disney employee!!

  4. Tee El

    They should have escorted him out sooner for fear of breaking the rides. Look at that girth! Jeeze.

    1. AG

      I agree. Push away much?

  5. Brent

    The item is surrender for disposal, it is not confiscated. If you surrender an item that item is disposed of and that’s the reason he wouldn’t have gotten it back. You always have the option to remove it from property, which it looks as though he chose to do.

  6. Steve

    We need more of Disney getting rid of there turds. I feel the cast members do their best to give exceptional service to guests. The problem is, the guests have gotten so much ruder. The guests that think they are influencers expect to be treated better/differently than the rest but the fact is, they just get in the way or are annoying so much of the time. If we could get rid of them, it would be great. Let’s take back our parks. I’m calling for everyone to photobomb every shot or video you can if you think it’s being re-distributed.

  7. Mendus

    Walt will handle it himself after he gets out of cryogenic sleep. All hell will break out then. All influencers will rush to get it on video… will be fun for all watching

  8. Paully

    These vloggers have now overstayed their welcome..
    It’s mainly a money grift..
    Although Universal is taking the opposite approach and welcoming them..

  9. brandon e.

    So he knew the rules and just “forgot”, but then complains that the employee had an “attitude” when he just “asked questions”. Sounds like he challenged the rule, even though he claims he already knew it and just “forgot”. Something’s fishy about that story.

  10. Michael

    You claim you “forgot” the rule and the cast member “caught an attitude real quick because I was just trying to ask questions.”
    I question your attitude towards the cast member.
    If you break the rules, you pay the consequences.
    Take your camera to Magic Mountain.

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