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Age of Ultron Avengers

Credit: Marvel Studios

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  1. Geegee

    Yes. Please return to the friendly “neighborhood” type stories. Not trying to offend the hard-core comic fans (hey, I used to collect!), but it’s all gotten so far put of what the average movie goer can or wants to relate to. All these versions of wveryone and realms, etc. What about the go of a hero almost blowing up the world? Or the scientist trying too hard to cure everything turning himself green with 4 new arms, etc. Also, I don’t really care about a 8+ mo ie lead up to a major villain. It was cool once, but not my favorite “story.” How fun was Spiderman on a class trip? Or the return of Bucky as winter soldier? Just tell a good story and stop making it all so complicated we just don’t care anymore

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