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Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Park

Credit: Disney


  1. Mike D

    “Opening day original” hummm? 😂😂😂

    1. Elizabeth

      Exactly. Idiots don’t know how to research! HM opened YEARS after the park

      1. Peter

        Not opening day by a good margin. In fact, after Walt died. But, yes, I always saw that bullet hole. Look for it in the Dinner Room

    2. Mojo

      Only 19 years off…

  2. wc

    It was a bb gun. As for opening day original, no it was not.

  3. Kevin M

    Was certainly not an opening day attraction, wasn’t until the 1960’s after Walt’s death did it open.

    1. Wow, I had never heard about this, or even noticed it. But I will looking for it next time I go on this popular ride!

    2. A Long

      You’re correct. The Haunted Mansion opened August 9, 1969 in Disneyland.

  4. Bob G

    Not a .22 rifle, it was a .22 handgun. The ride also did not open in 1955 when the park opened for business.

    1. Phil

      Can’t you just see the person trying to get in with a 22 RIFLE!!

  5. PGH

    I was there w/my parents, Grandmother & brother in th summer of 1959.
    They hd a ‘House of th Future’ w/a huge flat screen TV hanging on th wall!
    But no haunted mansion…
    We had an incredible time, th best time ever!!
    I ws 10. Yes, I’m tht old.

    1. I was born 1 week after Disneyland opened, and went there at 3 weeks old because my 13 year old sister wanted to go! Still live 35 miles away from Disneyland!

      1. Leon Luna

        I actually grew up about a mile and a half away from Disneyland,
        off Haster, I could see the summertime fireworks from my bedroom window but what relevance is any of this to the article?

        1. John Barrell

          I once told the Mad Hatter that I grew up “not far from here” and without missing a beat he replied, “oh? You’re from Toon Town?”
          Guess I walked into that one

    2. A Long

      So am I!

  6. Jt

    It was a hand gun shot by a guests because he thought the dueling ghosts was shooting at him I was a cast member for the haunted mansion and the reason it hasn’t been repaired be cause the roof has to removed to repair it. The glass is one solid piece that’s y they used a spider a web to cover it

    1. KS

      JT is right. Former CM as well and this is the story that they tell every CM.

    2. DWD

      This is correct! I’m a former Cast Member too. The glass looking down into the hall is one solid piece that is floor to ceiling and the length of the room. It cannot be easily replaced without great expense. It was easier to put a spider web with the spider over it. The bullet hole is at the left end as your Doom Buggy exits that portion. I’ve been told by other Cast Members that have worked for decades there is a second bullet hole on the opposite wall but it would not be visible to guests due to the lighting and the distance.

  7. AF

    It’s famously NOT an opening day original. 🙃

  8. Mandy

    Whomever wrote this article needs to do research and fact checking before writing this drivel. The haunted mansion didn’t open on opening day. It didn’t even open until after Disney had passed away. This was a longly awaited attraction. And the bullet hole was not from a bullet lol. Wow… they’ll just publish trash for any type of entertainment these days. Forget the facts lol fiction is more fun apparently.

    1. Linda

      Actually, the bullet hole IS from a bullet.

  9. Hmmm, never new that. I have never noticed the spider either on the glass.

  10. William

    It’s not an opening day original. It’s from a bb gun, decades ago. How daft are the writers you use to 1. Think this is news 2. Use the byline to make us think something major had ahappened. Wow, you’ve really gone down hill. Time to stop following you. Your reporting has gotten shoddy lately.

  11. G. C.

    “Of course, one of the most iconic attractions at Disneyland Park is an opening day original: Haunted Mansion.”

    No. No it’s not.

    Also, this happened in 1974. Why the hell is this news?

    Quit with the click bait. Quit with the half article ads for the company. Lord.

    If there’s news, great, if not, no need to dredge up a almost 50 year old incident and spin it like it’s something serious.

  12. Saddened

    Eerie* who wrote this? On top of ALL the grammatical errors, it’s also very elementary.

    The Haunted Mansion takes theme park Guests on an eery journey through a mansion with 999 happy haunted, but there’s always room for 1,000 if there’s any volunteers.

    1. Rose Pisano

      I remember the Narrator on the H.M ride actually says something like that! He’s just repeating what the ride stated! Lol

      1. Ashley

        And yet he got it horribly wrong.
        The Haunted Mansion is home to 999 happy haunts, but there’s always room for one more…

  13. Paul W

    Still remember the special with a young Kurt Russell, the Osmond Brothers, and EJ Peaker (who played Minnie in the Hello Dolly movie) about this, at the time, NEW attraction, which I think aired in 1970. I believe you can still find the video online!

  14. Heather

    Wow. Not only is this piece poorly written but it’s written about something that has been common knowledge for literally 4 and a half decades! And HM opened in the summer of 1969. It was definitely not an original. Walt worked passionately on it but sadly did not get to see it come to fruition since he died before it opened. Such an easy few minutes of research could have prevented such a mistake. Lazy writing. Disappointing.

  15. DisneyDad

    The decision was made not to replace the glass panel that weighs more than a ton, because the cost far exceeded the distraction of the small bullet hole only visible to those who shift their focus from the ghosts to the glass about 6 feet from the track. There is no talk about replacing or repairing it…

    And yes, every Disney nerd is in full attack on this article. Not an original, happened in 1974, not recently. But here is a trivia question for you nerds….

    That same person in 1974 shot a bullet into the glass of another iconic attraction in the park and it remains there to this day. Who can name it?

    1. There was also a shot at a snowflake in Adventure Thru Inner Space the same day and also in the glass for the Primeval World diorama seen while riding the train.

      1. Sabrina

        Its in the Grand Canyon scene. 😉

  16. Rose

    I believe he was copying what the Narrator says on the H.M ride.I remember he says something like that,as hes explaining all the rooms & what the 👻 ghosts were going! I always loved this ride! Not so much my first time at age 5 yrs! That elevator part in the beginning I thought was really happening! I was 5 what did I know? Scared the crap out of me! Lol

  17. Guess


    1. Samantha

      Sounds as if someone didn’t have a nice childhood!

  18. I have never read a more pathetic article in my entire life.

    Anyone who has been on haunted mansion twice, knows about that bullet hole.

    No one has any thoughts about it

    No one gives a shit

    Why do you?

  19. Kellyn

    “Opening day original” what a weird thing to so confidently and incorrectly assert. Like, it takes 2 seconds of research to see what year the ride opened.

  20. Evan

    In order to fix the glass the roof over the ballroom would need to be removed. Imagineers never thought the glass would ever need to be replaced….however access panels were designed into WDWs version. From what I was told on a maintenance tour of the mansion, the sheer weight of the glass is slowly distorting it, and over the years the base has thickened while the top is thinning…so replacement will have to be done sometime in the not too distant future.
    As for the gun hole, it passed through the glass and then the back wall of the ballroom(which is also the wall of the endless hallway , crossed about 3 feet behind the candelabra) from my understanding the bullet was never found. The tear in the wallpaper is still there, seen it first hand.

  21. PG

    The article title implies two things…

    1. That it just happened.
    2. “Permanent” implies it can’t be fixed. It can. They just chose not to.

  22. Kelly

    Does anyone have an original “Letter” ticket? I do. Wonder what that would be worth today?

  23. Roger Stevens

    I remember it. And it was a BB gun, not Rifle or handgun.

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