Here Is Why Disney Fired Victoria Alonso

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Last week, Disney and Marvel told the public they were separating ways with long-time executive Victoria Alonso. Alonso has been with Disney and Marvel for 17 years. Alonso was president of physical and post-production, visual effects, and animation. Now, new details have emerged as to why Disney formally fired Alonso. Here is further information detailing why Disney fired Victoria Alonso.

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Do We Know Why She Was Fired in the First Place?

Aside from the information last week of the firing of Victoria Alonso, a week prior, it was revealed that Disney and Marvel fired her without any real context as to why. That is no longer the case as new details released by The Hollywood Reporter and later picked up by The Direct give us insight into this firing.

why Disney fired Victoria Alonso
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Here Are the Details About Why Disney Fired Victoria Alonso

According to the report released by The Hollywood Reporter, Alonso breached her contract by promoting and distributing her recent Oscar-nominated film, Argentina, 1985 (2022). Since Amazon broadcasted the international legal drama, sources claim Alonso breached her 2018 contract by stating that employees would not work for competing studios. In this case, Alonso did work for a competing studio, ultimately leading to her demise.

Besides not asking for permission regarding her contribution to the film, Alonso was caught by Disney, and yet, Alonso continued to work on the film and contribute to publicity campaigns. Several films were released by Marvel Studios, with a pretty hefty schedule on visual effects, where Disney did not see Alonso’s involvement.

why Disney fired Victoria Alonso
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So Many Warnings; Why Didn’t Alonso Do Something?

There are no reports on why Alonso continued to ignore Disney’s attempts at correcting her path toward her firing. The only thing that comes to mind is that Alonso had a profound and heartfelt connection to the film (She is of Argentian descent, born in Buenas Aires). However, an executive for the Walt Disney Company commented that Alonso was aware of her actions despite knowing her contract would be violated if she continued down her current path. No other comments have been made regarding her sudden departure, and there is no telling where she will take her skillsets next.

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