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Henry Cavill as Superman in 'Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice' (2016). Credit: Warner Bros.

Credit: Warner Bros.


  1. P. Penney

    I have been a fan of dc comics for over 60 years. Have thousands of DC books. Never had interest in marvel. But DC needs to pay attention to the way marvel made their movies. When you find a person everyone likes as a certain character, you stay with them. Marvels success came because they didn’t keep changing. Soon as they started killing off characters, sales dived. I didn’t care for Henry Cavill at first, but now can’t see anyone else in that role. Same with wonder woman, Aquaman, even flash. Didn’t care for him at first, but he grew on me. That’s what happens to all fans. Changing them loses fans!!!

  2. P. Penney

    Fans are fans of DC because of the comics, not because of the movies. Fans have read the books for years and watch the movies hoping they will follow the comics. The reason the movie failed at the box office is because the way they killed Superman was nothing like the comics. They were so well written and illustrated that grown adults cried reading them. The move was dull, uninspiring and didn’t even remotely resemble the comics. If they want to have success with their movies, then follow the comics that made them successful!

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