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Disney Guest defacing theme park (L) / Disney's The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (R)


  1. He most certainly be banned for life! And charges against him should be filed.

  2. Remar

    Yes, people like that runs everything for everyone just to get noticed. No common sense and no respect! Disney should ban him from all Disney parks forever!

  3. Mindy

    What a needy, attention-seeking pos.

  4. Sue

    He should have to remove every sticker that he placed, scrubbing away any debris, if left.

    1. Debra Rusovick

      I agree with you.

  5. Bill

    Absolutely he should be band for life and charges of vandalism brought against him. He also should be made to remove all the stickers that he places and do 1000 hours of community service in the park working with custodial guest services.

    1. Steve

      I agree.

  6. Mk

    Well if he doesn’t remove them the hard working 3 rd Shift custodial has to do it and they don’t get paid enough already ! What the fork . Band from Disney idk but he must be at least spelled for at least a year and a half .

  7. This guy should be brought up on charges of vandalism and should have to pay a fine for destruction of property pay the salaries for the crew that’s has to clean the mess and banned for life make example out of him. That’s why people are doing it because Disney keeps letting them get away with it.

    1. Dk

      What an ass. Ban him for life and make him clean up his mess. Attention grabbing jerk.

  8. Sue

    These is why more people chose not to go to Disney anymore people rude it for others they r either drink stating fights or doing crap like this. And I also blame tictoc or whatever it is. Bc they get attention putting this on there. Disney has gone so far down it isn’t funny. The parks are fility the food is not as good anymore. Less help dogs everywhere bc they don’t check if it a legitimate service dog. So people bring Fido bc they do t want to leave it at the hotel. And say it a emotional support dog if you need an emotional support dog and stay home. It’s just crazy

  9. Paul W

    If this had happened in America there would be a lot of Disney haters cheering for him.

  10. halloweenguy

    Ajax is actually a fake company name used in the classic Disney shorts; i.e. Ajax Ghost Exterminators from “Lonesome Ghosts”

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