Former Disney CEO Thought Park Prices Were Too High, Iger Return a Win

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In a recent interview on CNBC, the former Walt Disney Company CEO provided his opinion on the business he ran for over 20 years.

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Earlier today, CNBC hosted former Disney CEO Michael Eisner on set to discuss a multitude of topics related to the broader economy and, of course, his old employer, The Walt Disney Company. This was really the first time that the former Disney Chief would go on to give his opinion about the company’s direction since the ousting of former Disney CEO Bob Chapek and the return of Bob Iger.

When Eisner was asked to comment on what he thought of Disney and the return of former and now current Disney CEO Bob Iger, Eisner would go on to comment, “I think it was a great move for Disney” when asked if bringing back Bob Iger was the right move for the company. However, Eisner did go on to say that “there are headwinds that he will have to deal with” and that the turnaround would not be easy. Eisner said that no one understands the company more than Bob Iger and thinks his return was the right decision for Iger professionally.

Interestingly enough, Eisner would go on to say that “I like Bob Chapek” and that Chapek did a good job with the Disney Parks. Eisner, however, was, after all, the executive who initially brought Chapek into the Disney family and was the one responsible for first hiring him at the company.

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Eisner would also comment that he loved his time as The Walt Disney Company CEO but also attributes his more relaxed lifestyle to not being involved with the company in his capacity any longer.

When Eisner was asked about Disney’s direction in the entertainment and Theme Park business, he would go on to state that “Park prices were way too high.” He would add that “you have to treat every Disney Park Guest as a VIP” and that you cannot necessarily charge Guests for every “back of the house” item available for Park goers. Eisner warned that you have to be careful not to dilute the Disney name and brand.

Do you think Michael Eisner is right about the Disney Park ticket prices being too high? 


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