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A doll in a red German style dress on "It's a small world," a classic Disney ride

Credit: Disney


  1. Anna

    Got stuck on Pirates of the Carribean at Disneyworld for an hour. They had to call the fire department to come get us. We got free ice cream, water, and free passes to skip lines at other rides. The cast members tried to o KY give us 2 that didn’t work on the popular rides but once I showed her my son’s pee in a water bottle (this ain’t apple juice lady) they gave us several more skip the line passes that did work for the more popular rides lol

    1. M

      That is so crazy to me how many rides are breaking down at Disney. We were just there on March 14th,15th and the first ride that we got on at Disney CA adventures broke down- monsters Inc. Thats never happened to me before at any theme park I’ve been to, but we literally got walked off of the ride because it broke down right in the middle of the ride ! Just stopped moving. Kind of takes the magic out of it, especially the very first ride. Kids first time at Disney, too. And the last ride we rode at Disney at the end of the night was it’s a small world. And I was panicking because I kept thinking if it broke down, would we have to go in the water to get out? Crazy.

      1. Rooftopvoter

        Water is about 18” deep

      2. Ricky

        They are just letting the US parks go downhill.

        1. Peaches

          Got stock in “It’s a small world ” in Disneyland, California for about 45 minutes. We couldn’t get out.To the day, I cannot listen to that song without going nuts! Aaagh!!!

          1. Boo

            Is there a movie where a person or many go crazy from being stuck on a ride? Might be hilarious.

          2. Ash

            That’s everyone buddy.

          3. Ry

            We got stuck on the haunted mansion ride rin the graveyard right next to the singing dudes, that song is permanently imbedded in my mind. Then that same day we got stuck at the top of expedition everest for so long that the wind audio ended.

          4. Bahahahaha! We got stuck on that same ride at Disney Word for about 30 minutes. We will NEVER go on that ride again. That song haunts me 👻

      3. Argie

        Back in 2018, we got stuck at the Small World ride for a while and at a Toon town ride. We got off it ourselves and walked out from the toon town ride. Ridiculous.

      4. Maira Mubeen

        I cant believe how they are hoarding money everyday from guests, and can’t keep up maintenance for the safety of peopke’s lives! Ridiculous! In humane! Greedy!

    2. Stuck about 40 years ago, “we wants the readhead” for an hour. But they can control the music, so why do they leave it on? If any cast member could explain that one simple solution.

      1. Dawnee

        We got stuck on Splash Mountain. We came down the waterfall and around the corner. Got stuck in front of the Rabbit singing Zippidy Doo Dah. Over and over. Stuck for over 1/2 hour. Soaking wet. Cold! But the worse was the Rabbit. Every once in a while they’d take him over and he’d creepily tell us to stay in boats. They finally came and helped us off boats and out through the back of the ride. Gave us free ride passes. That song went through my head the rest of the day!

        1. Mandybrook

          I think we were on at the same time but we were stuck just before the fall. Lol. Another time, same ride got stopped briefly due to a baby gator they had to get. He thought he made it back to the swamp poor guy. Lol

        2. Kj

          We got stuck in Disney World at Pirates of Carribean. Right where pirate has foot dangling over the bridge So we heard two different sets singing different songs. Yo ho ho its a pirates life for me

          1. Sherry

            One time, Small World, Spaceship Earth & Haunted Mansion, then next day Frozen at top where Elsa is singing Let it Go dozens of times. They drained the water & walked us off thru the back way. Not a big deal to complain about things happen

      2. Boke

        Yes! We got stuck on the “we want the redhead” about 10 years ago…. Almost an hour listening to that line made us want to go crazy. It’s good to laugh about it now though!

    3. Patricia Schoolcraft

      Our kids were pretty young when they got stuck on splash mountain at the very top for hours. They finally had to walk down off the ride. They gave the kids absolutely no compensation at all. When my husband found out he went straight to Main street and complained about it, gave them back all 13 of our annual premium passes and said we were never coming back. One gentleman in the back of the office ran after us because we were leaving and we still had 4 days left on our vacation. The gentleman profusely apologized over and over and gave my husband over 13 passes to get to the front of the line on any ride we wanted. The ride operators never took our passes they just gave them right back to us. Our kids got to ride all the rides numerous times. Over and over again. That was one heck of an apology. I guess they didn’t want to lose soo many annual passes. By the way our youngest son was an extremely hyperchondriact.

      1. Heather

        No way would that happen now bc they literally give zero craps about park experience and if you threaten to never come back again they know there’s thousands of people to take your place. They’re overcrowding the park, charging more than ever on everything and putting a tiny percentage back into the park for maintenance so all the rides are constantly breaking down yet the park is still crowded 24/7. The Disney of pre-2015ish is gone forever.

    4. Heather

      Judge mental prick!!! So sorry not everyone can be as perfect as your ass is!!! Just in case you don’t know it that is sarcasm!!!

    5. N/a

      Your son really couldn’t hold it in for an hour?

  2. Torq

    Can the authors just get to the story instead of adding fluff?

    1. Valli

      I have been stuck on It’s A Small World and Haunted Mansion in Disney World. We were stuck right next to the Bride in the attic on Haunted Mansion for quite awhile. So that was more uncomfortable for me than being stuck on It’s A Small World! Haunted Mansion is one of my most favorite rides, but that Bride gets creepier the longer you are stuck there next to her! 😄

      1. Lol! Creepy? Disney need to upgrade the rides and the compensate a bit more better.

    2. Chad

      Exactly! I’m sick of all the junk at the beginning. I always skip at least the first two paragraphs.

      1. Pam Forbes

        We were stuck in pirates of the Caribbean for over an hour. Right in the middle of the big fight scenes, so we had ships sending the. Cannonballs over the top of our heads. this area is a very loud place to be stuck in and they never stopped battle noises. finally they manually pulled our boats to the shore and brought us out the back of the ride. Outside is where we met the fire department. It’s very weird to see all the back mechanisms of the rides. But we were not compensated with any ride passes or anything after being stuck In there 90 minutes.

    3. Ruben


      1. Elizabeth

        Stuck until 1245 am is not “trapped overnight”

  3. Torq

    Can the authors just get to the story instead of adding fluff? Must not be much of a story then….

    1. Suzanne

      I don’t think this is possible. All rides have a final walk through and then maintenance comes in to do daily work on the ride or attraction. If someone hid them it could happen, but otherwise this story is not real. As for rides breaking down…well these rides are old and have been in use for years and years. They do get maintenance every night, bout there are just so many night hours and a lot of attractions to keep going. Also I find the Pirates story strange since Cast Members are trained in how to evac guests, usually by the Cast Members actually getting in the water to move the boats.

      1. BoredMe

        Then hire more “Cast Members”. They are richer than God, this is unacceptable.

        1. Jujubees

          IMO, Disney owns the whole world. They have enough money 💰 to do whatever they want. Rides shouldn’t get stuck!

          1. Ry

            Bruh there’s a funny thing going around about how mr. Beast will end up buying and then giving away Disneyland, if anything Disney will be the one buying mr. Beast lol

        2. Jujubees

          “Cast Members” , LOL. They mean 15 year olds that work for minimum wage!

    2. Jujubees

      What’s the problem? People want to tell their stories. Just skip over them or don’t read them at all

      1. Maria

        The problem is the BS at the beginning of every damn story. We know what Disney is, how long it’s been open, why people go there, etc., etc. If there’s a story worth telling, just tell it. No need to provide backstories on the parks or the company.

  4. There

    Rides are also stopped to accommodate disabled or elderly guests. This is nonsense reporting.

    1. Mary

      Got stuck on Tower of Terror once. Our seated group was moved through a side door and into an area behind the ride. We were escorted down some stairs and outside a side door away from everyone and sent on our way. No compensation or apology. Must happen often?

  5. Billy

    Trapped overnight?? Way to fear monger. They were stuck for a couple hours. Didn’t get left in the ride all night. Sheesh.

    1. Anon2

      They’re using past midnight as overnight. Abandoned overnight is a ridiculous stretch. This type of reporting reminds me of the MSM.

      P.s. that’s not a good thing.

    2. CC

      Thank you !!!!

  6. Dreden

    The rides don’t always go down because of a maintenance issue or that they’re old. The CM’s tell you to hang on to your hat, glasses, and other loose items for a reason. Items falling on the tracks will shut a ride down.
    Also, some rides stop to allow slower passengers to board. It’s not always the ride… most of the time it’s the Guests.
    Also, try being nicer to the CM’s when this happens because it’s not their fault. I’m sure it’s difficult for them when they get yelled at or blamed because you get stuck or can’t ride your ride.

  7. J

    At some point (less than 1 hour) I would have just stood up and walked out even if I got wet.

    1. Jujubees

      In hope I would do that too but I don’t know. If I had little kids with me. I would.

  8. Tonya

    Overnight?? An hour or so is NOT overnight. Need to fix that title.

  9. April

    Got stuck on space mountain..at be point the car just stopped on the tracks..it was only our car. They turned the lights on so we got to see the mechanics of it which was kind of cool. They got the car back to the station and gave us the choice to go again..we did and everyone in line cheered because things were moving again. It’s a good story now and no one was hurt so all of n all it was ok

  10. Carl DiLeonardo

    In the early 1990s, my wife, two daughters and I were stuck on the old “People Movers” ride at Disneyland. The ride was stuck on the top part which overlooks Tomorrow Land. A Disney cast member came up and asked us if we could walk back to the entrance. Unfortunately with a five year old and two-year-old on such a narrow area at such a height that wasn’t going to be possible. He told us not to worry and sit tight he would be back. After about ten minutes he returned with another cast member. They did something to the car and pushed it down into a covered area that was part of another ride. We were taken off onto stairs and a catwalk that brought us to a door. We went through the door and followed a corridor that a passed a number of rides. We were let out near the Star Wars ride entrance. So glad they had a plan b for this situation.

  11. Joe

    I missed the part where the guests were abandoned, as well as them being trapped overnight.

    You should be fired for writing this drivel. Hopefully you are replaced with ChatGPT.

  12. ResponsibleForMyActions

    First world problems. Yawn……………

  13. Mary

    Got stuck on Tower of Terror once. Our seated group was moved through a side door and into an area behind the ride. We were escorted down some stairs and outside a side door away from everyone and sent on our way. No compensation or apology. Must happen often?

  14. Chris

    Fact checking isn’t a thing at this tabloid.

    1. Jujubees

      Chris,I guess not. It’s only Disney after all. The happiest place on earth!
      The most expensive place on earth!

  15. Lee

    I guess that I should be happy that when I took my gf there a few years ago for her birthday “It’s A Small World” was closed for repairs. Yeah she wanted to ride it.

  16. Randy

    An hour is not all night. People stand I’m line for more than an hour just to get on one ride.

  17. Walt

    Yah – in an imperfect world SH$% Happens.

  18. Margo

    Though frustrating, “overnight” is quite an exageration, just because it went past midnight.

  19. Katie

    At Grad Night in highschool, I had to walk off Thunder Mountain Railroad. Years later, visiting Tokyo Disney with my kids, I had to walk off Thunder Mountain Railroad AGAIN! Same ride, two countries. Only two times I have ever been stuck on a ride at an amusement park.

  20. Henry Johnson

    My ex and I, along with 3 young children, were stuck in Haunted Mansion for over in hour. The ballroom part with the dancing ghost. 2 years later we get stuck going up the mountain, and had 2 walk down.

  21. TLK

    We got stuck on “It’s a Small World” ride too! Back in 2000, I think? Me, my wife at the time, and 6 year old son. For over an hour and a half we heard that creepy song. Finally I stood um up and said we were leaving. Park employees said I couldn’t. I pointed out the water was ankle deep. They said it wasn’t allowed. I asked who was going to stop me … and then as if on cue, the darn ride started back up.
    I have heard of more people being stuck on this ride than any other. Oh, and we didn’t get free water, tickets, or anything.

  22. So no one had a cell phone to call for help. I find that hard to believe

  23. Jordan. P Davidson

    With all due respect getting stuck overnight seems like an exaggeration if anyone was stuck on any ride in one spot they would have been traumatized especially if the park was closed and no cast members were there to escort them out for in show exits.

  24. Glad to hear your safe n Disney praised you with apologetic gifts. I praise you too,super MOM,God Bless You 🤗 n your baby. Ms gma Betty, in eptx.

  25. Mary

    We were stuck on Its a Small World at Disney World in Florida in the early 1980’s for over an hour. Afraid to get out for fear of being electrocuted. Never compensated for being trapped and having to listen to that song.

  26. John

    When EPCOT first opened we 1. Had to walk our of Spaceship earth, 2. Had to walk out of Energy. 3. Had to “drive” out of Energy.
    Recently, my wife and I had the exact same experience at Mexico in DW. We walked out the back door and through the trash heap in back of the building.

  27. Lisa Marie Ford

    This was back in May of 1988 was at Grad Night at Disney World in Orlando, Florida and a friend of mine and I waited two hours in line but finally got on Space Mountain and in the middle of the ride it just stopped!! We waited about 20 minutes on the ride at the top of the track and they finally got it going again. But, the rest of the ride was ruined because the lights were flipped on when we were waiting at the top of the track for the ride to get going again. If you have ever ridden Space Mountain it is a roller coaster in the dark, it is suppose to be like you are in outer space, so when the lights were turned on it ruined it.

    1. Maria

      And yet riding Space Mountain with the lights on is supposedly a special event, fun thing to do…..

  28. Kate

    Several years back (before California Adventure) my little daughter and I somehow got locked into Disneyland when it closed. We were stuck in the parking lot in the rain and dark for a long time. We followed the fence around the lot until we found a hole. Crawled out, walked back to the hotel…

  29. Gabby

    Me and my brother got stuck on splash mountain for an hour, right after the big drop! So we were soaked, freezing, and forced to listen to “Zippidy do-da” for 1 hour! During another trip, we got stuck on thunder mountain on the steep vertical climb for 30 minutes before the fire dept came.

  30. Bon

    if they were out at 12:45 then they were not trapped overnight. Park closes at like 12.

  31. BAC

    The same thing happened to my husband and i almost 30 years ago. We were stuck under the yodeler. Yikes. We got ourselves off the boat and when we finally made it out the staff told us to get out, the park is closed. Lol. Welcome to Disney!

  32. Loz

    Well first of all they didn’t “spend the night stuck on the ride”and why do u spend the first half of every article with the same info like no one knows what Disney is.you all need better writers.

  33. Rocky

    Someone needs to look up the definitions of the words “abandoned” & “overnight” 😆

  34. B

    Midnight is not over night. Way to over sensationalize a story once again.

  35. Ricky

    What torture that must’ve been. I feel very sad for the poor victims.

  36. Chris Smith

    Well, let’s see…at WDW alone (won’t bother to try to count the ones at Disneyland CA) I’ve broken down in the Haunted Mansion, The Seas with Nemo, and Spaceship Earth. These rides have a lot of moving parts, folks, and Florida is hot and humid. When they break down, it’s never comfortable. Yes, the Imagineering Team must be kept busy with the maintenance of the rides, but I think the rest of the “cast members” (they’re not called employees, if I recall correctly) supervisory staff could be better getting the loud music off sooner and maybe the Imagineers could figure out a way to keep people cool when the primary systems lose power. Walt wanted Epcot to have the best of the future, so let’s get some futuristic improvements, eh?

  37. J

    Dramatic much?? Calm down with the “overnight”.. good grief!!

  38. Marge

    I agree with J. The drama and stretching of the truth is paramount in this article. No one was abandoned “overnight”. Rides breakdown, just like every piece of machinery. And if you take how many times in a year the ride runs with no problems, then you can see it’s a small amount of time. Yes before you ask I have been on a ride that broke down and had to wait for a little more than an hour to exit. Happy about it..no but it didn’t overshadow the wonderful time I had on a whole.

  39. KMac

    I was a little misled by the article title. It read the guest were stuck overnight. In reading the copy it appears guest were stuck for about an hour. While that is a long time to be stuck on a ride, I don’t see that as overnight. I’m sure it was done to grab people’s attention and get them to read the article but it is not very accurate.

  40. fred

    i got stuck in line multiple times. for hours sometimes.
    ni compensation from park either

  41. grizzlymom

    I was stuck once on Indiana Jones at Disneyland for a half hour in the pitch black. I was just grateful that we weren’t in the next segment where the poisoned arrows are flying toward the vehicle! Sounds like they don’t typically cut the soundtrack in instances like this. I also once had to be evacuated off Thunder Mountain at Disneyland with my daughter. We had to take a very narrow pathway along the caverns and felt like we were on an actual, and rather dangerous, cave ledge. My daughter has since had to be evacuated twice from Thunder Mountain. Fun, fun.

  42. Judith Dunn

    I’m pretty sure the soundtrack is famous, not infamous.

  43. Larin

    Got stuck on haunted mansion a year ago. We were enjoying the dinner scene, seeing all the behind the scene tips while we waited.
    Some lady gets up out of her buggy and starts screaming and running around holding her toddler. She was screaming, “your scaring the children, this is a conspiracy, let me out!!! We’re going to die in here” my kids were then freaked out a bit.
    Afterwards we laugh about how nutty she was.
    Cast members were chasing her all around telling her they were helping and to calm down. Those poor 20 something yr olds. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen at Disney.

  44. Larrylove

    That happened to us also on Space Mountain.. when lights went on and we saw the whole thing, it was never the same cause we knew how small the coaster was.

  45. Brenda

    Disney has gotten to big for their pants and charge way to much.I quite going when my kids where little and back then they were high.The price isn’t worth going broke not even for just a day.But you can’t see everything in a day they could close down wouldn’t hurt my feelings .

  46. Lynda

    I got stuck on Peter Pan on the ceiling with an old lady and a little girl. I didn’t want the child to be scared so I started cracking jokes so she knew there’s no real danger. At the end of the trip, we asked her what her favorite part of the trip was. She said when we got stuck on Peter Pan.

  47. Pat

    Trapped overnight? They were there for an hour and before 1AM had the pleasure of seeing an empty park after hours – net exactly a hardship. I have been stuck on Small World – the only horror to it us the continuously playing music. Try getting stuck on it at the Christmas Party (and missing the Parade) and a short time later, getting stuck on Pirates (and missing the fireworks….).

  48. James

    In the 90s, I was stuck at the top of Space Mountain (start of the ride, in WDWorld). Stuck for 45 minutes. They ended up turning on the lights (odd to see all the steel girders and tracks), and pushed the cars through to the end of the ride. No apologies, nothing.

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