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Crowds at EPCOT's International Food and Wine Festival

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  1. Steph

    Stop buying from these greedy price gougers!

    1. Sarge

      You make a great point, clearly this would stop if people weren’t able to sell these things at higher prices than they paid. That’s not happening, though, so realistically there needs to be another solution…and I’m just not sure there is one other than either stopping the sale of limited items altogether, or greatly increasing how many you make (to make them less rare and therefore less valuable). Purchase limits only create even longer lines and frustrate everyone.

      I do wonder in the specific anecdote about the guy waiting six hours in line for someone he’d never met–how much could he possibly have sold it for that it was worth six hours of his time? Even $100 ‘profit’ means he only made $16 an hour. If I were to charge someone for standing in line my hourly rate would be a LOT higher than that!

  2. erjen

    It’s not that cute. I hope they all get stuck with them.

  3. Tokyo

    I have a idea insert a special bar code into each of these merchandise once it arrives back into the park an alarm goes off and people will have to provide a receipt for a single item. if not than it’s a scalper item and they will be charged and escorted off Disney property unless they provide the scalper information.

  4. Tokyo

    The security wands can be synced to only pick up the bar codes on merchandise the park security would than install special codes and security check points with thermal imaging to scan for codes. Only Disney customer service and cast member management will have final codes for that specific location and day. Operation honey pot. This would weed and eliminate any scalpers and scammers if cashiers sell more than 5 items per person per day they would be terminated on the spot and they would be stripped of there beloved name tags in front of the entire customer service team.

  5. Tokyo


  6. Sheep-are-Tasty

    Good for them!

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