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“it’s a small world” in Walt Disney World and dolls

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. Nick

    Who would pay to ride that!?

    1. Erwim

      No I would never buy Disney Genie Lightning Lane. Since I live an hour away and don’t need to ride a ride I can ride anytime I want!

    2. Sora

      I’m with you. It’s iconic but I wouldn’t sell everything I own just to ride.

  2. CR

    Disney is unfortunately putting decision making into the hands of people that have either never experienced the magic or have just forgotten it entirely. Disney even made a movie about a boy growing up, forgetting the magic, PAN? This new style of local carnival pricing of pay per ride, plus the daily admission fee is ridiculous. Especially when you look at the amount of entertainment outside of the rides has been just about eliminated. I really hope that someone in the company has some “crazy idea” and makes a 20yr old superfan the CEO. The days of the old white guy running things is showing its course already in society.

  3. Chris

    Walt would throw up in his mouth if he saw how his parks are being run today.

  4. Thomas P. Bernardo

    Genie is a terrible substitute for Fast pass. Disney is lost!

    1. Daryl-Rhys

      What because you have to pay? Stop being cheap.

      1. Rroe

        The park tickets are expensive enough and then Disney tries to Extort more money even further from you.

        1. Ellen

          Having just been there I think it fair to say it sucks. It’s confusing and the energy spent figuring g out Disney Genie from Disney Genie+ with add on lightening lanes vs. A la Cart lightning lanes vs. The Disney Experience not to be confused with the magic bands vs. Your phone or the cards issued that don’t work for your hotel but for the park and the hotel cards work for the park too. What the hell? On the flip side, there is no place on earth as magical as a Disney park. Watching the faces of everyone as Mickey rides by in the parade says it all. It’s wonderland…with a price tag.

      2. Tony

        Don’t need to

  5. Helen Hughes-Evans

    I’ve been everything Disney all my life (60 yrs); visits, cruises, etc… they have taken the magic away.
    My son wants to take me on a top tier cruise similar to the one we took when he was 9 as I’m chronically ilI and have wanted to do Disney one more time, but if this is what it’s come to I’ll pass.

  6. Ray

    Flung open, lol

  7. rteker

    Oh look its 1966 ALL OVER AGAIN!!!

  8. sherry

    No not paying extra for anything. I
    m a Club 33 Member, pay more than enough. Live in Fla, can go whenever so don’t need to pay extra to just ride something

  9. Angel

    Not surprised,,, definition of Disney is ‘GREED’ 💔 another heartless move to rob people of the magic (and their money)

    1. Bon

      Are they issuing tennis balls to throw at the creepy Dolls???

  10. Jim

    This is a good thing, it means I have a really good excuse to not ride this demonspawn.

  11. Bon

    Are they issuing tennis balls to throw at the creepy Dolls???

  12. That Disney Guy

    First rule: Say which park you are talking about.
    New title.
    Disneyland Paris’ Small World still closed after November 2021

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