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Animals at Disney World

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  1. Sue

    Way to many people taking advantage of the service dog policy bc Disney doesn’t check if these dogs a legit. So many people want to bring Fido to the parks bc they do t want to leave him behind in the rv or hotel. So they say it’s a emotional support animal. If you need an emotional support animal wherever you go, then you should just stay home and out of Disney or out of the public stores. Also, these are not service dogs people don’t get it service dogs are expensive people need them to do every day tasks. Years ago the only ones who had a service dog was someone who was blind now everyone has a dog with them. Service dogs cost $$$$$ and are highly trained. Again people go online get a paper saying there dog is a service or emotional support animal and then go on an Amazon and buy a vest for the dog. People abusing the system yet again

    1. Me

      You are limited by ADA what you can do as a business, so it is the honor system. They research what they need to say to get a dog in as a service dog, the same as buying fake embroidered Service Dog harnesses online.

  2. Ted

    This “article” was written by a 3rd grader…

    1. Teddy why don’t you correct it with your 4th grade education !

      1. Geo

        If you’re seriously worked up by this comment (and it appears you are), o boy, life is going to eat you alive

  3. Rroe

    Unless you are blind and have a Service Dog, ALL ANIMALS should be banned from all Disney parks. Everyone is pushing the envelope on this stuff…….just look at what the stupid airlines put up with….”Support Pigs, Support Ducks etc. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!

  4. DK

    True service dogs would not have fought. Pit Bulls would never be used as service dogs. And why two? I call BS. Disney you can do better with this.

  5. Bella

    A service dog can be of assistance for people who are not blind. I have a service dog who was professionally trained that helps me and I’m not blind. We’ve been to Disney World so many times without any issues (except police dogs losing control around her at Disney Springs). There have been a few times when she has been startled by something or someone in the park but a she has NEVER broken her training. People who make ignorant comments about people who use wheelchairs or who have “legal” service animals (which the ADA describes as a dog or miniature horse) are the ones that should be banned from all Disney parks.

  6. peggy

    I have never EVER seen a pit bull used as a bonafide “service animal”. They simply don’t have the right characteristics to make a good service dog. Me thinks someone (or two people perhaps) have somehow found a way around the rule.

  7. Bea

    Service dogs my ass

  8. Marcus the Informer

    People with ESAs are really screwing it up for the legitimately disabled with legit service dogs.

    From :

    — Service Animals Must Be Under Control
    A service animal must be under the control of its handler. Under the ADA, service animals must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered, unless the individual’s disability prevents using these devices or these devices interfere with the service animal’s safe, effective performance of tasks. In that case, the individual must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal, or other effective controls.

  9. Christine

    I have an ESA and have paid money for license and for training. I have been to Disney twice with her and have had no issues with her. The only thing that happened in the time we were there is that another dog parked at her. But she couldve cared less. He attention is on me. We were on planes and went threw check ins with security germain shepherds, and again had no issues. People cant blame everyone with an ESA animal just because they hear or read bad experiences. And we also had to show her license and a letter from my physician to hotel check in and at each park. So people need to get there facts straight.

  10. Kevin

    Anyone else want to see the family that needed pit bull service dogs. Asking for a friend.

  11. Me

    In Jan of 2023 I was in line at Autopia in DL. A pitbull service dog in front of me. To enter the ride people cross a walk-over then stairs going down where you enter the ride loading area. The pit was showing signs of agitation going down the stairs so I stopped to put more distance between us, I was already several feet away from the dog. The pit did not want to get in the car, so it slowed the boarding process. Their car in front of me, the pit kept trying to jump out. The 20ish female owner trying to keep the dog in the car which impacted her driving. Her efforts impacted my ride, I slowed when she struggled with the dog and I stayed back in case the dog jumped out. There is a possibility this wasn’t a real service dog, and the law doesn’t allow certification identification, businesses have to believe the person or face a lawsuit. HOWEVER, if I am bit I will sue the dog owner and Disney. Then maybe Disney will be vocal about the fake service dog problem. I see so many ‘service dogs’ at DL now.

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