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Sunset Boulevard at Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park

Credit: Disney


  1. Steve

    How was that Disney saying its a controversial ride?

    1. H

      Right!?!? That wasn’t a “warning” it was a standard informational piece of signage. Must be a slow news day.

  2. Walt

    See thats how they start this crap – they make an accusation and then they kill the attraction as they get more sheep to their side. The same crap started with Splash where one little mythical white boy from CA claimed that splash was racist and the rest rolled on from their. ACTUALLY Iger had problems with Splash because he’s one of the elite who thinks they know better than you. Disney has NO execs at the top that understand Disney and rumors are Iger wants the NBA to head the company now as his replacement – thats exactly what Disney needs.

    1. Butch

      I agree what happened to innocent until proven guilty on anything especially something 3040 years ago. This woke Bs one sided.

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