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A family sips on coffee while walking away from a Joffreys Coffee stand.

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  1. Gary

    So they caved to Woke on this too, it will hurt Disney with the church groups!

    1. Marcus the Somnabulant

      You people need to get some new material. The whole “woke” thing is so last year.

      1. jal11180

        So is your unoriginal comment.

      2. You people need to stop grooming kids

    2. Rolls Knardly

      Church groups that insist on forcing their beliefs on people when they know it’s prohibited don’t belong there anyway. No loss to the rest of the world.
      Conservatives made up ‘woke’ because they can’t spell compassion or tolerance.

      1. Oh you mean like your gay beliefs don’t belong there either?

      2. Jim

        I disagree. Your statement is a hasty generalization. I was at the Crush Presentation in January in Disneyland. No one said anything of the kind. You’re generalizing.

  2. Appalachian

    Poorly written article, Luke. First of all, the first two or three paragraphs of all these articles are written as if no one has ever heard of Disney World. I find myself just skipping them. Maybe every so often a history lesson is nice, but every single article needs not an overview about the parks. In this article, the cast member should not have been praised for how well he may have known how to handle a situation.

    1. White Wolf

      How many turtles do you know who know Jesus? Personally or figuratively? Hmmm?

  3. Mary Ellen

    “Disney Quickly Shuts Down Awkward Evangelism:” I agree that the employee did a good job handling this situation. However, this article produces the very awkwardness that the employee was trying to avoid. Pointing out one particular religious viewpoint in the article is offensive to that religion. It would have been best not to have pointed out the situation at all.

    1. Marcus the Logical

      Religicans are quick to dish out offense, but fold quickly when it comes back to them.

      1. MaryEllen

        I can’t speak for other people. I try to live out my faith with love and kindness even when I don’t agree with their viewpoints. I am sorry if you have had a religious person be otherwise to you.

      2. jal11180

        If you were truly logical, reasonable, and rational, then you would not be an Atheist.

      3. Liberals are people who love their enemies more than they love their friends and families.

        They prefer any culture no matter how disgusting to their own.

        They are un-ashamed of failure, and in fact revel in it.

        They despise other people’s profit and want to punish achievement.

        The men are eunuchs cowed into shame of their own weak masculinity.

    2. CJA

      Of course they should – you would have certainly heard the news if someone had asked if Crush had read the Quran.

  4. Joe

    This isn’t the inclusion they had in mind.

  5. Zach, PHD

    Thank “god”. Indoctrination doesn’t need to happen at the park to my son. Keep your evangelical hands away you profit gospel freaks.

  6. Ed

    Pathetic hypocrisy of Godless “woke” liberals calling Christians “Jesus Freaks” or “Gospel Freaks” when they always complain about “hate.” Woke liberals are the ones full of “hate.” They also advocate censorship, communism, unequal justice, etc.

    1. Sharon

      Amen Ed. When Jesus comes back they will see how real He truly is. They rather teach their kids sin and hatred and discrimination and try to say us Christians are that way when it is truly them.

  7. Crt

    Good thinking on the Cast Member’s part in answering this young person’s question!

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