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Credit: @VelociJP


  1. FL-Dad

    Why do you put several paragraphs of information your readership already knows before you actually get to the story? Why is there so much filler material?

    1. Vic

      It’s to artificially make more space for ads.

  2. Jon

    All their stories are like this. So boring.

  3. Scott

    I was there for that show and that’s not what happened. As soon as Aladdin struck the wall the stopped the show, turned on the flood lighting towards the audience to blind us from seeing the stage and turned on the water screens to further obstruct what was happening. They made an announcement it had been stopped due to technical difficulties. No one left and s few minutes later, the show resumed at the next scene and completed as usual.

  4. Voice of reason

    That’s not even what happened. The house lights were turned on and they made sure he was ok. The show resumed without incident less than five minutes later. I work over there. And you’ll be happy to know, he is ok. He was on the boat during the finale. I get you sensationalize things for clicks, but at least report facts correctly.

    1. Michael

      Yes, was also here and this is what happened. I do wonder if that was him on the boat though. Just like how they have multiple Mickeys, I’m wondering if they have a “stunt performer” Aladdin for the rope swings, etc and a “face character” Aladdin (like you would meet and take a picture with, get an autograph, etc) for the float at the end? Anyone know?

      1. The cast that performs at Fantasmic are paid a different rate, they actually are stunt performers.

        1. Michael

          Thanks for the insight! Glad that means he was okay then!

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