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‘Star Wars’ Character

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  1. Michael stapf

    I hope they bring in artoo and threepio as official characters to the parks, i think that would be amazing, i know they appear on star wars nite at Disneyland after dark, and were at D H S for star wars weekends, to bring them back would be awesome

  2. MorngQ13

    I mean yes the rides and everything are fun that’s what people go for but a lot of people also go for the meet and greets of the characters so if Disney starts removing a lot of characters then people aren’t going to feel like it’s as much fun

    1. LaraK

      Disney Star Wars is not Star Wars. It’s an abomination that sits several tiers lower than fan fiction.
      RIP 1977—2012

      1. I feel some of the movies are bad but most tv shows are very intriguing even for my dad and a young girl like myself.


    Fans of the “MANDELORIAN” are you? Get out of here.

    1. You haters get out of here Disney has had a few slip ups but they make up for it

  4. G

    Title says characters, plural

  5. I think adding mando and other such things into the pa me would be a great way to add to the collection of experiences and memories.young people such as tweens and kids would love to see Grogu as they say baby Yoda and the older generation would like to see mando.some would like to see both. More Star Wars themed food would be good also.

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