Disney Princess Reveals Well-Kept Costuming Secrets

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cinderella ready for a new Disneyland after hours event, Princess nite

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The Disney meet and greets are some of the most magical interactions in the Parks.

Guests can meet a variety of beloved characters, like Mickey Mouse and his friends and the Disney princesses. Over at EPCOT at Walt Disney World, Guests can meet Belle, Aurora, Mulan, Alice, Snow White, and a handful of other characters. However, Magic Kingdom is the best place to meet the most characters at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tiana, and several others meet with Guests on a rotating basis in one set spot, allowing an interaction with them, including pictures, autographs, and brief conversations.

cinderella with girl
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In a video posted to TikTok recently, one Guest had a special interaction with Cinderella. Creator @villain_online tells Cinderella, “I hear your dress is full of small details.” Cinderella gasps, asking him if he’d like to know. The first thing the princess points out is that her dress does in fact have pockets! She claims that Jaq and Gus “hide all their yummy treats.” The pocket is hidden in the folds of her dress under the layer of draping, and does indeed look like a great place to hide snacks or gifts from Guests.


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The next detail she points out is that her dress has hidden glass slippers embroidered among the silver swirls of the dress fabric. The shoes are included in such a way that they blend seamlessly into the design and aren’t noticeable if you aren’t looking for them, but they make for an extra magic touch.

Cinderella ready to meet Guests at the Princess Fairytale Hall in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort.
Credit: Walt Disney World Resort

She then shows off her real shoes, saying that Tinker Bell sprinkled her pixie dust on them to make them especially shiny and glittery. The shoes are blue (not glass!) with a silver bow and heart made of glass. She explains that Tinker Bell took the broken pieces of her original glass slippers and turned them into hearts so she would never forget her night at the ball.

Cinderella with girls at Cinderella's Royal Table, restaurant in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: Disney

The hidden details of her outfit just show how much care and attention Disney costuming puts into their wardrobe. From the details of the embroidered shoes in the dress to the backstory of the shoes, the costumes help add to the immersion of the meet and greets and really help to bring the characters to life.

Did you know about Cinderella’s hidden details? Or do you know of any other immersive costuming secrets? Let us know in the comments below!

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