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france pavilion

Credit: Disney


  1. Melinda

    I was just there and this film shows at night after 6. The Beauty and the Beast sing-a-long plays during the day until 6, then they switch over the films.

  2. AMJ

    We have been there 3 times since Oct, 2022. Last time a few weeks ago. And Impressions oof France is shown after 6 pm
    Our 7 yo grandson was not happy, he didn’t see the need for a Beauty and Beast show, and missed the French film he’s grown up with. (It was kinda funny to hear a 7yo ask what was going on.) We thought he might like it but missed the music and pictures of France. I think cause he knows Granpa was born in France.
    I understand Disney wants more kids and film content at EPCOT. But wish they could do the shows in some rotation during the day, it probably isn’t practical.

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