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Josh Gad make Cast Member joke

One of the magical things about the Disney Parks is that you’re just as likely to see a celebrity as you are a normal person.

One of the latest celebrities to visit Disney was none other than Frozen actor Josh Gad, who spent a day in the Magic Kingdom experiencing life as a Jungle Cruise skipper. In a light-hearted video posted to social media, Josh Gad shows his experience as an honorary skipper for the day, ending the video by thanking the Cast Members that made his dream come true.

As he signs off, he says, “If you enjoyed this video, I’m Josh Gad. If you didn’t, I’m Josh D’Amaro” (Josh D’Amaro is the Disney Parks chairman).

While a funny comment in and of itself, the joke is actually reminiscent of one that the Cast Members in high-spieling locations will often say to Guests. Cast Members on attractions like Jungle Cruise, Kilimanjaro Safaris, and even some of the parking trams often interact with Guests by telling jokes and providing information in a fun and entertaining way. As they come to the end of their journey with their Guests, they will often say something along the lines of, “if you enjoyed your ride, my name is [blank] from [blank]. If you didn’t enjoy it, then my name is Chris from Orlando.”

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The joke is that Chris from Orlando is a fairly common name tag to see around the parks, as it’s often provided to Cast Members that may have forgotten or misplaced their r name tag that day. Because these name tags are used this way so often, it’s very likely to run into several Chrises from Orlando during the length of your stay.

disney world cast member name tags
Credit: Screenshot via Disney Parks Blog

Whether Josh Gad knew the origin or not, the joke was clear to Cast Members. The next time you’re in a Disney Park and hear a Cast Member mention Chris from Orlando, now you know where the joke comes from!

in Disney Parks, Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World

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