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Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker

Credit: Lucasfilm

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  1. John

    The only way to fix Star Wars is to retcon the Sequels out of Star Wars. As long as they stand as the conclusion to so many timeless characters, their arcs are essentially ruined and thus they are no longer timeless characters.

    What we need is Luke Skywalker successfully rebuilding and improving upon the Jedi Order. Now teaching his students how to have healthy attachments, aka they can now have relationships. Luke Skywalker would best demonstrate this by having back his brilliant relationship with Mara Jade from Legends. She was a perfect companion and simultaneously a perfect foil to his character. He needs to be the father his own father failed to be to show that he’s better than Anakin. Luke Skywalker should never be giving up like he did in the Sequels.

    Leia needs to successfully rebuild the New Republic and become a Jedi Master too. We need to see her though as a great mother too. Not some women who basically gave up her family because of an old superstition that lead to her son falling to the darkside.

    Han Solo needs to be a great father, husband and best friend throughout his life. Not some deadbeat who went back to his old ways.

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