Cast Members Go Above and Beyond for Guests During Ride Downtime

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A VIP tour guide Cast Member wearing a mask poses in Carthay Circle at Disney California Adventure.

Credit: Disney

“It’s a pirate’s life for me” aren’t just lyrics to a song, it’s a way of life for this group of Disney Cast Members.

Cast Members are well-known for going above and beyond for Guests whether it’s for spilled ice cream, a lost item, or ride downtime. When a ride breaks down, unfortunately, there isn’t much that the Cast Members can do beyond informing Guests of the situation or occasionally providing fast passes for another attraction or later time. In a recent video posted to TikTok, however, a group of Cast Members decided to take matters into their own hands.


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The video, posted by @alicia_neverlands, shows Cast Members from Pirates of the Caribbean with folders in their hands and a taped-off boat silhouette on the ground with a group of Guests (and fellow PotC Cast Members!) sitting inside. One Cast Member can be heard reciting “A hen for 10?” while another responds “Ten? I’ll give you 20! For the rum!” Apparently, they decided to recreate the attraction for Guests unable to ride due to unexpected downtime. The Cast Members and the Guests seem to be enjoying themselves and the ride recreation.

pirates of the caribbean disney world
Credit: Walt Disney World Resort

The comments on the video are overwhelmingly positive, with many saying that Cast Members are the real magic and that the video was wholesome. One commenter joked, “We have Disney at home! The Disney at home:” with another person stating that Cast Members are the reason they love Disney so much. With so much attention being drawn to the Disney Union negotiations and the reality of so many Disney employees, videos like this truly show just how much Cast Members enjoy their job.

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Credit: Disney

They really are at the heart of a Disney vacation, and do what they can to make magic for thousands of Guests on a daily basis. While this video just captured a handful of Cast Members and may not be the standard for every attraction or Cast Member, it brings an appreciation of the amount of work they do.

Has a Disney Cast Member ever gone above and beyond for you or another Guest? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments! 

in Disney Parks, Walt Disney World

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