Alt-Pop Princess Avril Lavigne Rumored to Release Documentary on Disney+

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Avril Lavigne in a black outfit holding red balloons with background text saying "Love Sux without you"

Credit: @AvrilLavigne on Twitter

Are celebrity documentaries making a comeback?

In the 2000s we had Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, over the last few years we’ve had Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, and more recently we’ve had Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and even Pamela Anderson creating documentaries about their lives and stories. The latest star seemingly adding to the mix? None other than the alt-pop queen herself, Avril Lavigne.

Avril Lavigne poses with Yungblud and Travis Barker in a black and white shot
Credit: @AvrilLavigne on Twitter

Rumors have started swirling that Lavigne is working on a documentary with Disney+ that will supposedly focus around the start of her career and her journey into the music industry. The film is also rumored to mention her battle with Lyme disease and her relationships since becoming famous.

Lavigne was just 16 years old when she signed with her first record label, Arista Records. Since then, she’s become one of the most well-known artists in music, and has gained a massive following. Her top hits include “Girlfriend,” “Sk8r Boi,” and “What the Hell,” with the height of her popularity happening in the mid-2000s. There’s been tons of dark conspiracy theories surrounding her over the years, including the rumor that she had died and been replaced by a body double, but the singer has gone quiet over the few years due to dealing with her diagnosis of Lyme disease.

Avril Lavigne, dressed in all black, holds a Juno Award.
Credit: @AvrilLavigne on Twitter

However, the rockstar has been gaining attention lately due to the release of her latest album, Love Sux, and her collaborations with other artists like Mod Sun, MGK, Travis Barker, and Yungblud. She also stirred the waters by announcing a split between her and her ex-fiance, Mod Sun, and starting a relationship with rapper Tyga.

While further details about the potential documentary and a release date remain unknown, it’s possible that Lavigne sees it as a way to tell her story, her way, and work on making a major comeback to the music industry.

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