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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Disney

Credit: StudioCanal (‎Vivendi‎)‎-- left


  1. Suzanne

    Not in the Avatar franchise .

  2. No. No way. Don’t do it!!

  3. Pickle

    I’d watch it if he was a super buff Na’vi.

  4. Abe

    The last time Arnold reunited with James Cameron was for Terminator Dark Fate

    1. Mark Graff

      Cameron didn’t direct Dark Fate.

      1. Ecto

        Dark Fate was Produced by: James Cameron and David Ellison

  5. Joe Hornl

    Yes, please.

  6. Al Beeback

    Not needed

  7. Spunky

    It did say reunite so I guess Dark Fate was a reunion, CAMERON PRODUCED SO NERRR!

  8. I think Arnie will probably be dead by the time Avatar 3 comes out if not by then definitely by 4

    1. Beaulieu

      If he’s in it. I will not watch it.

  9. J

    [No mention of Conan] = [written by a millennial in 5 minutes]

    An article written by AI could’ve done better.

    1. The dude

      Haha this article blows

    2. Mike

      Only if he plays the terminator in the film. Story plot, “The corporation has had enough of the Navis keeping them from mining. They will send the terminator to wipe out all Navi life on the planet ” End Plot

  10. Ray

    It’s not like the movie needs him, but I’ll still watch it either way.

  11. Jan

    Yes, I feel he’d be great! Make him bad; he plays those parts so well.

  12. Lori Halderson

    What a joke. All the Kennedys are is a gore masochist human trafficker with no talent…

  13. Paddy

    Damn yes ! He’s one of the very few morally led human beings left that might be able to turn this left wing multi-sexualized agended debacle around, that has literally spun off course from Walt, God, and family !!

  14. t

    No plans to watch films 2-5. Left it too long, the interest I did have dwindled to nothing and Arnie won’t entice me to watch them.

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