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disney springs crowd levels memorial day weekend

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  1. Mark

    Loosing UGG is no great loss, and indeed is one of the stores that should never have been there in the first place.

    The first time I ever went to Disney Village as I think it was known then it was delightful….now it just another traffic heavy mall..a shame really.

  2. Julia H.

    We really enjoy Disney Springs. I think Ugg may have been too high priced for the demographic that visits that mall. There are plenty other locations that Ugg can move to.

    1. Bill

      I wish Disney would shut it all down and leave the liar and racist desantis, as well as the entire state of FL., behind. That would end his “rule”.

      1. Jake

        Or, you can just leave the country if you think he’s the racist one in office and not biden 🤣🤣 what a brainwashed joke of a population we have.

  3. Ray

    Title was ridiculously misleading. I hate Trump but this is why his followers believe in fake news. Just say one major Disney store closed.

    1. Captain Quirk

      THANK YOU. My thoughts exactly.

    2. Jake

      They do this crap all the time. Make you think it’s something so major only to find out it’s a shoe store. The writers on this site is a joke. This site is so easy to crack too it’s only a matter of time before it goes down.

    3. Jake

      You’re so obsessed with trump its been years now and he’s still all you think about? What’s hilarious is trump never had anything to do with fake news that’s your lovely liberal media who probably never told you that biden just have Ukraine SOCIAL SECURITY benefits using our taxex on top of biden and his administration siding with the railroad company after the Ohio disaster and pushing new law that prevents anyone from suing them as a result of the disaster.

  4. James Carlisle

    Thank GOD

  5. Barbara

    Don’t think I’ve ever been to Ugg. I like World of Disney store. I liked the Disney store in Hollywood studios that had retro Mickey mouse stuff selling there. I forgot the name of it. I do remember that it was one of the stores before getting to Hollywood and Vine restaurant. I would like to purchase something there and not have to purchase ticket to park just for that, which is a waste.

  6. Andy james

    Well. What used to be great fun for kids homosexuality has killed for everyone. I hope every Disney shuts down for helping mess kids up. Gods coming to erase our Idiocracy one more time. This time is the last. Judgement follows

    1. Captain Quirk

      Your grammar is so bad that I had trouble understanding your comment (“great fun for kids homosexuality”?) but it seems you are somehow blaming homosexuality for the closing of an UGG store, is that correct?

      And which gods are you talking about?

      I think your comment shows why illiterate bible-thumpers should not be involved in making policy, and are rightfully ignored.

  7. Nooooo😩

  8. Nooooo😩ahhhhhhhhh

  9. Anna

    Good to hot in Florida

  10. Michael

    Do you think you have enough ads and pop-ups yet. Or are you going to make it so I can’t see any portion of my screen.

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