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The logo of Universal's Islands of Adventure, the compass displayed on the lighthouse.

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  1. Chris Wood

    I think we will see woody wood pecker and company in the new universal epic park.

  2. Liliana


  3. Melissa

    We have been planning this trip for over a year and to close Hagrid’s ride is devastating. My niece will be so sad. It was the one ride she was looking forward to.

  4. Jayda

    I have never been to Universal, and I’m going next month for the first time ever😱. I’m a huge 🧙‍♂️Harry Potter fan, so naturally I’ve been wanted to see all the Harry potter stuff for a long time. Frankly I’m sad and disappointed 😥, Hagrid’s motorbike ride is the only real Harry Potter ride, and I was so excited for. I really hope they’re just like fixing it up and they’ll open it up again. I just feel like my trip will be less exciting without it. Because I’m not a huge Rollercoaster girl, I’m probably only going on a few rides, so this is just sad😔.

  5. I want open All rides we coming universal theme parks rides

  6. AB

    ONE QUESTION: Will the 3 Park Premiere Annual Passholders have access to the Velocicoaster Express Lane at 4:00 p.m. as part of our “Regular Express” benefit, at 4:00 p.m. ????

  7. Terri Schiavo

    Mo re cli ck ba it by And rew “WE TALLL DID” Boar dwin e. When will this stop already!?

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