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Universal Orlando Mardi Gras

Credit: Universal Orlando Resort


  1. Tokyo

    They said no to a tree they didn’t say anything about it or signs in the park though. Let’s not beat around the “bushes” wink wink on beads being tossed.

  2. Tokyo

    I certainly like to “foilage” universal plans lol.

    1. Mike

      Hardly a big deal. Americans ruin everything we touch.

  3. MoMo

    I love how they’re concerned about the dangers of loose beads, but not so concerned that they put out a national ad campaign with it’s featured word, misspelled…

    1. Diane D

      Yet they probably know the difference between “it’s” and “its”…

    2. Bryan

      Which word is misspelled?

    3. Chris Wood

      Who cares! It was a pointless tradition anyway. What is the point? Why collect them, if people are just going to throw them away? Just a reason to litter

    4. Sal

      Where is the misspelled word? Not in the tweet….. where?

    5. Sal

      Hey, MoMo….since replies never appear after the comment they are replying to, the posts asking “where’s the misspelled word” are directed at you!

  4. Emily

    I went to Mardi gras last year and saw that tree I was like what are people doing it’s pointless Plus if you missed a tree cars can get hit by them and that’s a scare nobody needs so I’m glad they got rid of this tradition cuz last year it was weird at least in my opinion

    1. Sal

      EMILY – apparently it wasn’t just YOUR opinion, since the park based the ban on that exact reason!!

      1. Richard

        Interesting….I’ve attended Mardi Gras for many years with friend and none of us have known anything about a bead tree. So guess it’s not that important or necessary. Doing away with does not both us. We take our beads home anyway.

    2. Spotgirl

      First off, nobody asked about misspelled words( I call “predicted text”) It’s about the beads, a car and a tree. I was there for the start of Mardi Gras and thought how sad the tree looked last year and am happy about the decision to ban the beads being thrown on the tree. The flower blooms are just beginning and throwing the beads just tears them up. Also, no need to scare a driver and cause a possible accident. If people only get the beads for the tree tradition then, again, I’m happy for the ban.

  5. N Colon

    Was this supposed to be proper news? Because this is an incomplete story, full of fluff and very little substance.
    What is the “vehicle incident“? Did beads fall off the tree and distracted a driver into an accident? Did a branch fall on someone? Goodness, do your job right!

  6. Bryan

    I can see why some people might think it’s pointless, but some people enjoy doing it. I think it would be cool if they can put like a temporary net during Mardi Gras season so that people can throw the beads, and they don’t have to worry about them hitting a car.

  7. I don’t think that tree should be taking down because it looks very cool and very unique to everyone

  8. I don’t think that tree should be taking down the tree looks very cool and very unique to it’s people and guest of the park.

  9. Colleen

    This isn’t happening. I’m at Universal now and have seen plenty of people toss beads onto the tree over the last few days. And no area on the walkway is blocked off.

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