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Universal Orlando Jurassic Park

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  1. Elizabeth morgan

    What a disgusting way to try to get sensationalized views based on actual people’s deaths in other countries.

    They’re on enough people allowed in a cue for a ride at Disney or universal to cause the stampeding conditions that just happened last week in another country that killed 50 people.

    1. The lines are confining. Try being in a wheelchair in those lines. Or try being in a wheelchair at any part of any of these theme parks. I can’t tell you how many ppl just tried to run me over. It was a horrible experience, not to mention how many ppl literally shoved there way past me and my 7 year son and 5 year old granddaughter, all while looking straight at me in a wheelchair. It is very dangerous situation for some of us. There were way too many ppl for the universal theme park. We waited in line for fast and furious and there were no way out. They seriously need to figure something out. Why not do timed rides? Why not do a online reservation per ride and break up the lines? All I know is If u don’t buy the fast pass you putting yourself in situations to be trampled on a normal day, much less an emergency.

      1. Donald

        You have a 7 year old son and a 5 year old granddaughter? 🤔

        1. Mila

          😆 right?

          1. Jules

            I have NEVER, not even once felt unsafe at a Universal park in Orlando, and I’m usually in a wheelchair, and use the handicap ride pass system. I’ve had passes for over 25yrs, and never had an issue. They have certain pathways just for handicapped guests to board a ride. Most also have elevators, so there are even less cramped waits. Also there are hidden exits everywhere inside those cues, that most people don’t even know about. The TMs are always there to help. All one has to do is ask. Even on Halloween Horror Nights, when it’s incredibly busy, I’ve had people offer to help, and have learned how to skirt the outside of the crowds to better get around. It’s just a matter of getting your bearings. Can accidents, possible trampling, and violence occur? Yes. In ANY public space. But if you pay attention and try to stay calm, things can work out. Have fun out there.

          2. Kristin Wood

            Back in the day, the Terminator pre show waiting area was so packed one time, I had a panic attack. That is my own issue though. I wouldn’t blame Universal for that.
            I am biased though, I am a hardcore AP holder since 1998.

      2. Chris Wood

        People please! Boo hoo I feel unsafe in line. Cry me a river. Maybe they should limit how many people can stand in line. They the crying will really start. Don’t like waiting in line with confined spaces, then don’t get on any rides. People know they are going to wait awhile. Yet they still cry victim

        1. Lucy

          Stop your damn whining. Nobody is forcing you to go to an amusement park. Just simply don’t go if you can’t deal with it.

          1. Michael Faussett

            I feel safer at a theme park then driving to the park it’s self if you whining people can’t handle to stand in line then stay home are just don’t ride last time I was at the park they had team members at some of the rooms of the lines but that was years ago and they would greet you when you walked by.

        2. Martin

          I made this exact observation last Saturday to my wife in both the Harry Potter and Men in Black lines with our son. Huge stretches of line with no team member, no exit sign and no cameras at least visible to me. I actually wanted out of the line and didn’t really know how without making a bunch of other folks mad. I remarked on the difference from Disney and as someone with anxiety I empathize with those folks. Also the demeanor of the team members everywhere in the park was poor. Management problems for sure.

          1. Bryan

            Men in Black actually has many exits right after the pre show there is one, before you see the alien anomatronics below there is one, when you go to the weapons room there is also one. Men in Black has exits close to each other.

        3. Kristin Wood

          My comment is above yours, I didn’t see your name until now. People are going to think we are related. LoL

      3. Kat

        The TMs are vveryvwell trained on clearing the queues in the event of an emergency. Just because you don’t see the way to clear it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

        And I’ve been to the parks on a scooter many times. It’s very frustrating when people walk right by you or stop in front of you. Be aggressively loud about needing space to get by. They can’t hear over the noise, so say excuse me louder than you think you need to. Be just as respectful of groups who are together as you want them to he of your family.

      4. Bryan

        If all rides had a reservation system there would be more people walking around the park making it harder to get around the park.

      5. Cristina

        This is not true. I’ve been to the parks in a scooter and wheel chair. The rudeness of people is not the same as the parks being unsafe and trying to equate them is just wrong. And, Fast and Furious has several emergency exits throughout it’s queue, as do all their rides.

      6. Angel

        Go to Disney. Then you can get your time pass and reservations. Don’t forget though that Disney is losing money using those systems. Ibet 99% of the people going to Universal like it the way it is, I know I do.

    2. I definitely feel trapped in the Hagrids motorbike line. When i go in my heart beats faster, and my lungs feel like they tighten while in line. Never had a panic attack, The other two rides that are there, I’ve had 1 panic attack at the first ride when you enter to the right (forgot the name) broke down in tears and Couldn’t breathe, They didn’t even offer to allow me and my nana down to the gifts shop and made us wait til my mom got off. I dont ride much at Universal or IOA. Let’s talk about Spiderman 3D, Amazing ride, Definitely. Never had a panic attack on there, I feel claustrophobic in the queue. Transformers is not the worst, Still tight, Child swap is way worse. everytime we bring our SD While trying to bring her to the crate, She has a “Do not touch” and a “Service dog” patch on there…THEY DONT LISTEN. Istg parents need to learn how to control their kids. I feel like they should have better queue lines for people who have anxiety, PTSD, ect. I love theme parks but it has to be heard. And The new Rollercoaster there..The worst, My mom, brother, sister ride it, I dont go in the child swap bc its so busy and overwhelming, Overstimulating, i wait outside the Rollercoaster. I get stared at Bc i have to watch an SD. Its alot more creepier when Older men sit by you and you get stared at… (update abt the panic attack: I am fine, Once we got off the ride I got fresh air and calmed down a little. Then we found a place with no people in it and mostly quiet besides the employees. My sisters SD comforted me and calmed me down alot.)

      1. Before yall say “Just don’t go to the theme parks” I don’t have a choice to stay home.

        1. Elle

          I don’t understand. You are forced to go to a theme park? How? Why?

        2. Elle

          I don’t understand. You are being forced to go to a theme park?? How? Why?

          1. Laura

            We were at Universal a couple of weeks ago. Husband and I standing in line for Spiderman with our 4 year old grand daughter. The 2 woman in line behind us vapid the entire time and got very rude when I politely asked them not to. One woman passed out in the line and it was 10 to 15 minutes before a team member showed up. So no, I don’t think the lines are being monitored.

          2. Bryan

            I don’t know your experience and I can’t speak for you, but are you sure 10 to 15 minutes passed, of the queue stopped moving because that person passed out that makes sense they don’t want people walking over them so first they stop the queue from moving and then a team member came. That could be one explanation. Maybe or also seemed like 10 to 15 minutes, but it was actually less.

      2. Angel

        I understand panic attacks, to the point of not being able to leave my house. I also understand it’s not about me. There are rides I don’t go on because I know it would cause horrible anxiety and it’s not worth it to me, there are rides it’s dangerous for my son to go on because of the strobe lights, so we just don’t go on those. People with anxiety disorders or PTSD and such can’t expect to have things changed for them, it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the people who actually enjoy that type of situation. Enjoy what you can and stay off three rest. It’s really okay to sit outside and wait or just go to the gifts shop and walk around while others in your party ride, riding the ride isn’t the only way into the gift shop…

  2. Kim

    Ok, I think this is crap that you would write an article about something like this. Seriously are you that desperate for news?
    People know that there are lines and crowds when they come the these them parks. I have never been to Universal when there were not multiple workers at every attraction, sure you don’t see the exits in que lines bc they are hidden for the experience, it’s suppose to feel like you are actually a part of Harry Potter.

    1. Bryan

      Even if you don’t see the exit, I actually did see one exit, but it blends in. There are multiple exit signs one on top of the door that was kind of hidden and then others throughout that cave sections

  3. Jaxx

    People – if you don’t like the conditions, leave. Stop whining and complaining and b**ching about it. Don’t go to theme parks here in Florida if you are afraid of people and crowds. You KNOW if you go to a theme park, things will be CROWDED. If you don’t know that, you didn’t do any research ahead of time.

    1. Bryan

      Maybe yeah do research or get prepared for high crowds if it is loud take headphones or something to block some of the sound. And maybe if you can try going when the parks aren’t busy, I know some websites post crowd calendars.
      I can not say this will work because I don’t mind the crowds, but I have heard that this has helped people. There are also soem other methods, but I’m pretty sure you can look them up on Google or YouTube.

      I wouldn’t say then don’t go to a theme park. Unless if they think they shouldn’t go or if they don’t want to go

  4. Paul Maglione

    Please stop starting trouble and just stay home this is the world today and there are plenty of exits

  5. Trent

    I could be wrong, but I don’t believe Universal has broken any fire code laws.

    1. Laura

      We were at Universal a couple of weeks ago. Husband and I standing in line for Spiderman with our 4 year old grand daughter. The 2 woman in line behind us vapid the entire time and got very rude when I politely asked them not to. One woman passed out in the line and it was 10 to 15 minutes before a team member showed up. So no, I don’t think the lines are being monitored.

      1. Bryan

        I can’t speak for you, but this is just what I’m thinking before they sent someone they probably wanted to make sure that the line would stop moving so that no one will walk over her and so that a team member can go help. Also it may have felt like 10 to 15 minutes but maybe it was less. I dont know bit, If the line continued moving for the people in front of the person who fainted how would you know that it took 10 to 15 minutes, although it is very unlikely that they would want a queue to be moving when someone fainted. I know that each time I go to Universal I sometimes see a Tena member walking through the queue, they may not be in the queue, but I do know that they have a way to communicate because last time I went there was a team member with a talkie walkie and they were talking to someone else as that team member was putting the chains for the extended queue, so the line is monitored, but it may take a while for a team member to get to that person, because they may have to walk through the queue a bit.

    2. Penny

      Exactly my thought too.

  6. Patrick

    No problems with me. Yep, it’s crowded like any theme park here in Florida. But for me it is worth the wait. Just my opinion. I always see staff around.

  7. Josh B

    The queues at the attractions at Universal never bothered me and I usually have a 3 of my young daughters and my wife with me. I do however try to have some sort of situational awareness and scope out the exits or doors or even places I would get my family to for safety. I think Universal does a better job than Disney in the overall guest experience (my 5 and 8 yrs old would rather go to Universal than Di$ney). I’m not sure what it is but I like the way the attractions are more spread out and the atmosphere at Universal compared to Disney.

  8. Jarvis

    These contributes must get paid to write up a story.

    ** Shocking News **

    Theme parks are very crowded on a three day weekend.

    As for wheelchairs and scooters, more people complain about them blocking areas and holding up lines.

  9. Not a sheep

    Sounds like these folks and people like them are pretty fragile to begin with. Maybe a seesaw or a kiddy pool is more their speed.

  10. Brandon

    The people speaking on this are crazy. We were at Universal a month ago and on the new Jurrasic Park Velisicoaster a young (maybe 15 or 16) blind girl entered the que in front of us. I remember remarking to my dad that I hope her family didn’t play a cruel joke on her. I couldn’t imagine going on a roller coaster like that if I couldn’t see what I was getting into, lol. The girl had plenty of room and we helped her a few times she got stuck as the line sometimes twists into a u-turn. Everyone in the line was supportive. Sometimes in these lines you can be there a long time and you become fast friends. I’ve had a few times when kids were unruly but nothing horrible. People need to grow a pair in this world today. Enough with the cry closets and trigger warnings. Oops l, can’t say trigger warning anymore as it’s triggering, lol, no joke. You have to call it “content warnings”. I swear hard times make strong men, strong men create good times, good times make soft men, soft men create hard times and on and on we go.

  11. Ashley


    1. phillysub

      It’s a well-written article if they get to the point by the 5th paragraph.

  12. Natalie

    I was at Universal and Disney this past week and I felt unsafe. It wasn’t even in the lines- the entire park was overcrowded. I actually thought to myself. If there was an emergency it would be mass chaos. While at Universal for about 2-3 hours even the food lines were about a 45 minute wait to 1.5. They need to limit the amount of people allowed in the park.

    1. Bryan

      They do limit the amount of people that go in the park, but if you go during a busy season there will be a lot of people. They do have a capacity, every place you go to has a capacity, I don’t know if you see signs like this in stores or restaurants, but some signs say maximum occupancy (the number of people).

  13. Melissa

    After standing in line for the Velocicoaster for about 45 minutes I started to feel very ill. I got extremely dizzy and my vision was getting spotty. My husband and I had to work out way back through hundreds of people to get out of the line, I had to stop every few feet to sit/crouch down for a few seconds to regain my balance/vision(I think sunstroke mixed with panic attack), and this was in the outside portion of the line before you get into the building that’s only open when the wait is super long. There were no alternative ways out of that section of the line. No team members were around or came to help. Looking back on it that’s kind of unsettling. Yes, I’m okay now, but if I was having a heart attack or something serious I feel that I would have been in a very bad situation.

    1. Bryan

      If no team members were around they look at the cameras, I don’t know if maybe it was noticeable to slthe person seeing the cameras, because maybe they just thought you wanted to leave the queue, because sometimes people do that, so they probably thought nothing was happening, you should probably ask a team member once you spot one for help next time. There are also first aid spots, but it is better to tell/ask a team member, when you spot one.

  14. Fyopinions

    You have to have compassion for others when they are experiencing a medical emergency!!!! It is what it is !!!! If you can’t be kind and understanding of other’s health conditions than maybe YOU shouldn’t go to theme parks !!!!! Yes I said what I said !!!!!

  15. EricL

    Not unsafe, but the que for Hagrid’s gets very tight and confined as it winds thru a tunnel. We were there in August, 2022 and the ride broke down while we were in that very claustrophobic environment. We gave it 30 minutes then left, but getting out of that section was a royal pia. For as cool as most of Hagrid’s que and ride are, that tunnel sucks.

  16. Morrigan908

    Really? We’re so short on news that one woman crying about being claustrophobic gets an article. Go talk about how Disney is imploding or something, because this is pathetic.

  17. Michael

    This is a non story! What a waste of time to read it.

  18. B T

    Afraid at Orlando… Any one on main street Magic Kingdom for the fireworks? They literally push you like a herd of cattle to the middle of main street event if you don’t want to be there. The number of people in the middle of that street could cause all kinds of trample injuries if the worst happened.

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