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Universal Orlando CityWalk

Credit: Universal Orlando Resort


  1. Jim

    “Broke the internet”? Come on!!

  2. AR

    Thank you! Drives me crazy when I’m trying to get back to my car and people are standing in the middle, blocking the walkway.

  3. Terry

    Move to the right a novel idea if only the slow pokes on I-4 would stay to the right. But alas idiots will continue to slow down and annoy everyone around them oblivious of their impact on those around them.

  4. Brian M

    Worst about it is saying excuse me multiple times and they still don’t move. So when you finally push through you get people calling you rude.

    1. Joem

      They should put up signs at the start of the walkway!

      1. Common Sense for the Win

        People would still miss the signs. I think they should paint a bright yellow line (line the lane lines on roads) have have a stencil of a stick figure standing on the left side of the line and a stencil of a stick figure running like hell on the right side of the line. That way people cannot claim a language barrier if they see a figure instead of words.

  5. Vinsk

    They’re the same people that drive in the left lane at 52mph in a 70. They don’t care and they never will. You’d have better luck solving the building of the pyramids than getting this to change.

  6. hmmm

    Now that its written down, is it still an unwritten rule?

  7. Nunya

    Did we really need a whole article for this? Come on. Not everyone is a journalist and not all happenings are “news”. This blog post was a waste of words.

  8. Dimitri

    All you cry babies. I remember the very first time I moved to D.C. and rode the Metro. I rode one of the elevators up on the left side. Not knowing about this stupid “unwritten rule” some lady ran right up on me damn near pushing me out the way. Then she made a smart ass remark, so I turned around and rode the rest of the way up looking her directly in her eye. When we got off at the top she again said something smart. I should have slapped her in her mouth, but what a reasonable guy did was ask if I was from the area. I said no and he explained how people THINK elevators and walk ways should be. I said thanks for the info and kept it moving. I will never walk when I don’t have too, but sometimes all it takes is a simple “do you know” question.

    1. Kay

      Do you mean escalators? In NYC this is how you know someone is a tourist. People have places to be. It’s a common courtesy to stay right if you’re at a standstill. Alas, I wouldn’t expect drivers to follow the laws of the road. So why would people be considerate when walking either?

      1. Ah, but being considerate should also apply to those who scream “Get out of my effin’ way!!”
        But no. They’re just in that big of a hurry.

      2. Phil

        Courtesy in NYC?

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