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Woody and friends at the end of Toy Story 2

Credit: Disney


  1. And here we go with the negativity. Great

  2. Disney Fan 1991

    Wow! It’s amazing how your article danced around the two elephants in the room. I’m speaking of the exclusion of Tim Allen and the infamous “kiss” scene.

    While Pixar may have believed that these two decisions would have little, or no effect on box office receipts, their short sightedness ultimately doomed the film before its release by alienating one half of its fans.
    Let me explain.

    Whether you agree with Tim Allen’s political persuasion or not, I believe a large majority of Buzz Lightyear fans believe his exclusion was exactly that. But the films ultimate demise was Pixar’s insane attempt to insert sexual innuendo into a child’s cartoon.

    How the decision makers at Pixar could be so stupid is beyond me! How could they be so blind to there audience?
    Hopefully, with Bob’s return, these fools will be launched and the Pixar ship will be righted in short order.

  3. Pete

    Unless they do some sort of back in the timeline story, they’re going to kill the goose that’s laying their golden eggs, but being Disney, they’ve done that repeatedly so I’m just expecting it.

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