TikToker Claims Her Brightly-Colored Hair Ruined Photos Leading to Removal of Disneyland Castle Seating - Inside the Magic

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Left: A woman with brown/blonde hair and a green shirt speaks into a phone camera. Right: Sleeping Beauty Castle as viewed from the right side on a cloudy day.


  1. Sam

    Thanks for ruining a good thing bc you have terrible style.

  2. Abe Froman

    Source: trust me bro

    1. Angus

      Why waste time and space on these Tik tokers!! They just want the attention they never get

    2. Angus

      Why waste time and space on these Tik tokers!!

  3. Walt

    just another person looking for attention.

    1. Some Nerd

      Back in the mid 90s, when I was like 12 or 13, I saw this local pastor, who was working on getting some really strong anti-gay laws passed in my state, in line at the grocery store while I was with my mom. He looked at me, we made eye contact, and I pursed my lips and kissed at him. And now we have gay marriage. YOU’RE WELCOME!

  4. Bil

    Sorry, sweetheart, but you just ain’t that important

    1. oh no

      lol. Thinking the same exact thing. Imagine being so full of yourself. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  5. Steve

    I thought they closed those because bigfoot and nessie were just too distracting as they just sat there. Just as believable.

  6. Bingo

    Get over yourself, ugly person.

  7. sfcpres

    What a shock! A TikToker making it ALL about them.

  8. Paully

    Just another grifter..
    YouTube is also filled these Disneyland swindlers ..

  9. Rroe

    Kids are kids and we’ve all done things a little out of the ordinary when we were young. GET OVER IT people. These kids were just having fun and at least behaving their selves……NOT like what is taking place nowadays at Disney. Think about this please.

  10. Mike G

    Here is an idea. How about she gets off tik tok and gets an actual job?

  11. Newsten10

    When will clout.chasers become extinct?

    1. Shady Lane

      But not one pic to back your story up? You’re a grown woman on TikTok, get a life.

  12. Backcountry164

    The moral of the story, if you ditch your kids at places like this because it’s easier than being an actual parent, your child is going to end up as a moron posting videos to TikTok as an adult…

  13. No.1 Ban her from entering into Disney world no.2 refuse her ticket no.3 no TikTok posts allowed no.4 send her an email states for immediate removal of thus colored hair no.5 no one cannot and will not post anything about Disney no.6 they will be escorted out of park no.7 removal of cameras if used for entertainment purposes only no.8 no flash photography if used for characters only no.9 take only photos not selfies with non characters not included no.10 if taken videos will be removed and or deleted by park officials

  14. Kelly

    I can’t stand those daily Disneylanders. We come from 2000 miles away and can’t even find a place to sit for lunch because of all the people watchers aka Magic Keys. Passholders ruin the experience for everyone else, paying just dollars per day compared to our thousands.

    1. Jamin

      Jealous, huh?

    2. Smarter’n’You

      So you plan poorly, spend unwisely then blame it on others? Got it.

  15. The truth

    I clicked on this video thinking she was in her mid to late 40’s just to find out that she a mid 30’s millennial who aged badly and is seeking attention. As a 35 year old this is hilarious because I look younger than my age.

  16. Kukamonga

    Trust me when I say this, it wasn’t the hair. It was the face.

  17. Stacy

    Um…. Maybe its just me and i totally understand if people disagree but……why does she look like a female version of Dr. Strange? 😂

  18. Jen S.

    Seriously? What an ego this gal has. Honestly. One person does not equate to closure of bridge seating. Theyve been closed off due to people STANDING on the seats.

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