Disney Trip Surprise Goes Horribly Wrong, Kids Cry

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Two little girls stand in shock, then it turns to crying.

Since the dawn of social media, videos of parents surprising children with Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and Disney Cruise Line vacations have gone viral. What’s not to love about little ones exploding with joy when they realize they’re headed to the Happiest or Most Magical Places on Earth?

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But as long as something is posted online, there is controversy. One family surprised their two daughters with a Disney trip for Christmas of 2022 and were hounded with comments calling their toddler “ungrateful” for not understanding the gift. The little one was confused about receiving a suitcase full of clothes and couldn’t make the connection to a surprise Disney trip. Like any other kid, she wanted toys from Santa!

This week, another family’s magical surprise didn’t go as expected. Amanda (@alt__313) shared this video on TikTok:


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“Guess where we’re going?” a family member asked two little girls. “We’re going to Disney World today!”

At first, the two girls looked shocked and delighted at their Disney surprise. But as the reality set in, they began to cry and look for comfort from their family. “Not the reaction I expected,” one voice said.

The little girls explained that they were scared of flying on an airplane. Their loved ones told them they were going to Disney and didn’t have to worry. “We really are?” the older daughter asked.

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After a bit of reassurance about the flight, the older girl squealed and jumped with delight. She immediately changed into her Disney vacation shirt.

Commenters expressed sympathy for the girls. “Awwww this is cute and sad? Mostly cute!” said @ava.iolana.

While the little one was still upset at the end of the video, Amanda described the vacation as “magical” in the video’s caption. It sounds like the pair came around and had a wonderful time at the Disney Parks!

Have you surprised your kids with a Disney Park vacation? Share your memories with Inside the Magic in the comments. 

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