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Toy Story 2

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  1. Royz

    There is only One Choice….
    More and More Toy Story.

    Of course TS5 had to be done. This is commonplace in Hollywood. A popular franchise will start with #1 which is a mega hit at the box office, then#2,….. When #3 or #4 come along in any franchise sequels, one of them is purpousely done “bad” below par of the previous in order to justify the following.

    Its the Hollywood Movie Machine. Its just how it is.

  2. PP

    Will there be a Lesbian or Gay kiss? Non-binary toys? Pronouns? Toy-genderism dysphoria? Let’s hope Toy Story Farce is a success!!!

      1. Wes

        No. Being real. Didn’t work for Lightyear and no need to sexualize toys. Period.

        1. Michael

          You do realize movie wasn’t supposed to be about Buzz Lightyear the toy moron so it wasn’t a big deal Love Is Love if you can’t handle that it’s goal fly a kite

        2. No

          Have you ever even watched the first Toy Story? They sexualize the toys within 30 minutes of the movie starting with a not-so-subtle sex joke between Woody and Bo Peep…or is it okay to sexualize toys as long as it’s perceived as heterosexual?

  3. Jacob Allen

    That is excellent! 🙂 The “Toy Story” movies are always the best! I even hope “Lightyear” gets a sequel as well.

  4. Mrbinkles

    Toy story 5 will be good

    1. Pocho Villa

      I can’t wait for Iger to make all the Pixar movies live action. It will be successful like the live action movie versions of most of Disney animated movies. Bring it on Iger!

  5. Georgia


  6. Kit

    No. Toy Story does not need another sequel or prequel, especially if they are going to make it “woke”. THAT is why Lightyear bombed and why the other one bombed. Disney needs to return to traditional values that Walt and Roy insisted on and stop being “political”.
    Hollywood in general has sucked for the most part for quite awhile and, instead of leading the way, Disney and Pixar have all but fallen off the screen. Hollywood just regurgitates older stories now and just makes things more gross in horror films. And for crying out loud, if a movie is going to be 3+ hours reinstill INTERMISSION! The new Avatar was good, but needed an intermission Intermission so people weren’t distracting from the movie by getting up.
    The more woke Disney gets, the more broke they will go. Stay out of politics and keep family values and you will see people return to the movies.

    1. Bella

      Great reply Kit!!! I totally agree.

    2. Ashe

      Stay mad lmao, you’re literally probably like, 40 years old and getting mad about a kids movie that hasn’t even released

    3. Laura

      “Traditional values that Walt and Roy insisted on”? The movies that came out under them had straight up racist imagery. If those are the “traditional values” you want to return to Kit, you don’t sound like a very pleasant person.

  7. Kris

    It should have ended with 3. 4 watered down the series and a fifth film is just going to water it down more. Now Frozen, that always felt like a trilogy. I was looking forward to 2&3 the moment I saw the first one.

  8. Kelsey DeJong

    Instead of another movie they should do a TV show…

  9. Corey McCoy

    I’m over here wanting a third Incredibles movie focusing on Dash and Violet as the main characters…
    And I know its not Pixar but a second Big Hero 6 film would be nice, the bay max shorts last year underwhelmed.

  10. I would love to see the first Toy Story remade with modern graphics, atleast the story will be the same (hopefully) so we will know it wont be a pointless story (hopefully)

  11. Mike

    If they push the “not so secret gay agenda” the result will be a not so unpredictable flop.

    The market for that is approx 224 million. Objective statement…

  12. P.C. Knott

    Queue the 5%’ers to ruin a good movie series. Disney just can’t help themselves. They will include scenes that don’t have any part in a movie, and doesn’t need to be in the movie, just to show the 5%’ers how “inclusive” they are. The majority will take a hard pass and leave Disney wondering…again…why the movie flopped. Disney may be listening, but they aren’t hearing.

  13. Adam

    Can I have Bugs Life 2? Why no love for Flick?

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