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Three screenshots from a TikTok in which a Guest stands up on Pirates of the Caribbean while it is stopped and is escorted off.


  1. Jaxx

    People like that are narcissists who should be banned from ALL Disney parks FOREVER! There is no reason why she should continue to be allowed to disrupt everyone else’s experience.

    Until Disney starts banning these people for life and gets tough on idiots like this, it will continue to happen.

    1. Teddy Gingerich

      100% THIS. If CMs are given the right to remove every single one of these idiots and hand them to Security, they might stop ruining other Guests’ visits. Remove them from the park and give them bans that reflect the severity of their actions.

    2. I totally agree with Jaxx. Some people cant follow rules. Ive been avacuated from a ride and had to walk all the way back on the people mover and rules are rules so why defy them.

  2. Mark

    People like her should be perma-banned. Idiotic and self-centered immature nobody.

  3. Deb

    Yet Again another self obsessed person behaving badly,I’m so sick of these people

  4. Dennis

    got your 15 mins of fame never to be heard from again..i hope

  5. Smom

    They need to start banning cell phones on rides or people who do video on them! I know it ruins if for those YouTubers who are actually responsible and quiet enough when at the parks. People are getting out of hand though so I’m not sure what else to do about the issue except ban cell phones all together on rides. I only took photos while outside the rides and in line with fun backgrounds but put it away when the rides started and enjoyed our time.

    1. Jerry Crosson

      She should be banned from Disney properties. Tired of self important people thinking rules don’t apply to them. I was stuck on the Mexican boat ride at Epcot for 30 minutes with the same song playing on a loop….. cast members came evacuated the ride.

  6. Suzanne

    There comes a time when peoples action for reactions should be stopped. These people are only in it for the publicity and do not care about anything else. Disney should start banning again.

  7. This is just silly now. Idk why some people act foolish and stand up on rides or climb out of them while it’s still moving, it’s just ridiculous and dangerous! Disney parks should have an employee on the ride with everyone (Idk if they do that, but they should if they don’t). This is getting crazy.

  8. wesley

    Too bad someone didn’t “accidently” knock this moron overboard into the water.

  9. Raymond

    She should be there put out of park never allowed back into any Disney park and also name given to universal people are getting tired of this behavior

  10. Lori

    There is absolutely no way she sat for 3 hours. As soon as the cast got word from the maintenance people, which would’ve been within 15 or 20 minutes, evacuation would’ve began. She is lying about the situation. If she did stand up on the boat, she should get a Lifetime ban, likewise for filming it.

    1. Dawn

      I would say the average is 45 minutes to an hour…. we were stuck where it says “Dead men tell no tales” for 45, with the sound on. UGH. Then they evacuated and walked us out.

  11. Stacey

    She took the video down most likely due to more negative comments than positive. She was a fool to do this and I hope Disney does ban her. One of these days one of these TikTok “I think I am a sensation” creators are gonna get hurt or hurt someone else in their stunts.

  12. Marcus the Unamused

    These narcissistic idiots need to be taught that not everywhere in the world is their personal stage. Nobody cares about them and nobody wants to hear their crap. This one would have been better served by being escorted out in handcuffs with the theme from COPS playing for their exit.

  13. Andrew

    Sad that Disney parks are having grown adults who should know better do these silly things more and more. It really sets a terrible example for the young ones the parks are meant to appeal too and make them feel safe. Shame on you Disney freaks who feel entitled and are absolutely self absorbed. Interrupting park operations, jumping onto parade floats, wearing skimpy revealing outfits…all by grown ups who never have grown up

  14. Paully

    Lifetime ban for this grifter..

  15. Hayjay

    Used to be a cast member and was with a friend on space Mt in Disneyland guest and his buddy apparently were jo each other ride suddenly stopped, saw the 2 later being escorted away, Disney don’t play games, act like a fool you deserve to be treated like a fudging fool !!

  16. Anthony

    I’m so glad to say that when my wife and I were at Disney in the beginning of February 2023 (for her first time ever even being in florida) that everyone we were around and went on rides all behaved themselves and almost not a single animatronic was down except for doc ondar in galaxies edge. So it was a great experience for a first timer. She had a blast.

  17. lorraine

    unless there is one huge emergency, I do not believe ANY park would keep you on a ride for 3 hours broken down. We have been on water rides that broke down and after a short while they have emptied the water and made it safe, and escorted us out a side door………This person in my opinion needs to be banned, but that isnt my decision to make…….

    1. Marc

      Who the hell are these people????
      I have been going to Disney for 56 Yrs. and this crap was not happening before COVID CHINA VIRUS, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, TIK-TOK, FACEBOOK. These are sick people that cause serious issues and Security can’t keep these folks out but once they do this crap they should be banned for life and an example to others. These incidents are why Bob Chapek and Bob Iger hate annual pass holders and I live with a sick pass holder and I have 2 mental self centered entitled INSPIRE KEY pass holders that support this CRAP!!! I wish they could be weeded out but you can’t weed out EVIL that is hidden in the heart security can’t keep these folks out until the do crap and then they are caught but after they go VIRAL and ruin experience for others and then these sick ANNUAL PASS ENTITLED PASS HOLDER INSPIRE KEY FOLKS are removed to late, it’s to late to kick them out once they screw up.

      1. Kathy

        Yes Marc! I was a passholder for decades and I encountered SO many entitled local passholders. Tic Tok and all the social media garbage is really encourages this. These people just want attention and they don’t care who it hurts even themselves.

  18. Yeah, I don’t know who she is! 🤷🏻‍♀️ but I’m pretty sure the people on the boat ride also don’t know who she is so I don’t know why she would be making a fool out of her self! 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ & yeah I also think she should be banned from the park! 🙄🙄 Stupid idiot! 😠

  19. Dee Y

    She should be banned and not allowed to be in any of the Disney parks. What’s the old saying rules are for the but not for me.

  20. B

    I used my phone to record my daughter’s first time at Disney last summer as she as autism she likes certain things like animals and lights etc but I don’t do tik tok and I think this stuff should be banned because it doesn’t help anybody apart from annoy other people’s trips

  21. Mary

    I have been stuck on POTC in WDW and have had to go through their emergency exit but the most I had to wait to get off was an hour and half and we were told very specially not film back stage and then given a LL for any ride we wanted except for snow white.

  22. Laurel A

    We were evacuated from pirates at WDW after waiting 45 after it broke down. Disney won’t keep you on a ride that has broken down for 3 hours. This TikToker is exaggerating to boost her views. Poor cast members who have to tell grown adults to actually follow simple rules like don’t stand up on the rides and don’t film behind the scenes.

  23. Walt

    This is the result of “everyone getting a trophy”. Parents with that philosophy have raised a generation of spoiled, selfish narcisitic did I say spolied? BRATS

  24. Heather

    My husband and I went to DL about 10 years ago. Some idiots stood up and then sat facing opposite right at the top of the drop of Pirates. The ride stopped and lights came on. The CM asked them to turn around and sit down. They acted like they didn’t hear/understand. They ended up escorting us all off the boat. We were so mad that we had waited an hour to ride and then got booted because of some idiots who couldn’t sit down and behave. The CMs acted like we were with the group of fools and didnt allow us to get on another boat or anything. I don’t think we made it back on Pirates that visit.

  25. Leasa

    They need to start removing and banning all these people that deliberately break the rules and argue with the cast members. Maybe then they’ll think twice about it. So sick of them

  26. Shari

    Ban them all from the park!!! So done with this behaviour!

  27. phillysub

    Ban the little liar…..FOR LIFE!!

  28. Ruben Reynoso

    Yet another perfect example of the dumbest generation the earth has ever seen. Nobody in the real world cares about your unreleased “music” or your pathetic need for the acceptance of others. Keep that mess out of the parks where contributing members of society pay a great deal of money NOT to have to deal with your dumba$$ery. Hope you got kicked out and banned.

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