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Mickey Mouse in a construction worker outfit in front of a photo of Disneyland under construction


  1. Park fan

    Yes, build another park, somewhere in Texas, Arizona or Nevada, but not in Kansas City, it snows there and the park would close down for winter, the idea is to keep it open year round, build some old favorites, ie, haunted mansion, space mountain, and a different themed pirates ride, then pick a popular attraction from California Adventure, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom and maybe a couple attractions from parks around the world, mix it up, the best attractions in one place.

    1. Las Vegas & Southern Utah

  2. Nevada, Arizona, Utah Texas & New York City

  3. Do Build Disney Theme Parks In Las Vegas & Southern Utah

  4. J Smith

    Texas for sure. Open up East Texas. The land is there!

  5. Dee

    Most ridiculous idea ever!!
    Just stupid

  6. gloria paramithis

    No new parks. Would take revenue from existing parks.

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