Universal’s Newest Park Put On HOLD

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The plans for Universal's new park with a "DELAYED" stamp over it.

Credit: Universal

Universal’s newest theme Park is running into some issues, and some locals are trying to stop the Park dead in its tracks.

Concept art for an all-new Universal theme park planned to open in Frisco, Texas
Credit: Universal Parks & Resorts

Last month, Universal revealed two groundbreaking projects. One is a year-round horror attraction in Las Vegas, which has been welcoming Universal with open arms. The other a new family-oriented Theme Park concept planned for Frisco, Texas. Unfortunately, the latter city hasn’t been as welcoming, and Universal’s dream of a Texas Park may have to end before it starts.

Many Frisco residents are split on the idea of bringing a major tourist destination to their city. The Dallas suburb has a population of 210,719 as of 2021, with many families who are excited for the Park, but many others who are worried it will disrupt their neighborhood.

According to CBS News, some Frisco homeowners have even threatened to take legal action to stop the Park unless they get assurances it will not disrupt neighborhoods, traffic, or safety.

The downtown area of Frisco, Texas.
Credit: Roger Robinson/VisitFrisco.com

According to Kerra News, yesterday, the vote on the zoning permit for the Park was delayed a month after a second postponement. The original vote was scheduled to be held on February 7 but was postponed to Tuesday, February 21. It was then voted to be moved again to March 7.

Frisco residents continue to be resistant and have spoken out at multiple hearings, including resident Melinda Preston, who said to Kerra News; “I do not want my city to become a destination city. Can you name one city that is a destination city that does not have high crime?” Many of the most apprehensive residents live in Cobb Hill, which is the closest neighborhood to the Park’s proposed area.

The site plan for the new Universal park in Texas.
Credit: Universal/Community Impact

Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney said more information about the Park will be presented to the public at the next city council meeting. Texas has been burned by promised of theme parks before – from 2006 to 2010, a fraudster raised more than $60 million from investors through a promise that he had “insider knowledge” of a new Disney Park coming to Plano.

Frisco is expected to vote on the new zoning permit on March 7.

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