Latest Shocking Live Action Disney Project Announces New Actor

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Lilo and Stitch

Credit: Disney

The next live-action movie planned by Disney has announced its first actor.

Disney now has a long history of creating live-action remakes of some of its most popular animated films, with Cinderella (2015) kickstarting the trend. Since then, Disney has released 19 live-action films, both in theatres and on their streaming service, Disney+.

nani and lilo on surfboard with stitch
Credit: Disney

Now, it seems as though Disney is going tropical for its next remake with an adaptation of Lilo & Stitch (2003). This now-classic Disney animated movie takes place in Hawaii, following a young girl named Lilo and her adopted “dog,” the blue alien, Stitch. Designed to be a weapon of chaos and destruction, Stitch was sentenced to exile on Earth, where he’s taken in by Lilo and her older sister. Rough around the edges, Stitch learns what it means to love and be loved and the meaning of family. When other aliens from his origin planet are sent to capture him, Lilo and Stitch take turns rescuing each other and Stitch proves he’s learned how to love and be a force of good rather than evil. The film also features Elvis songs, bright and tropical scenery, and has since spawned a TV show and theme park rides, with Stitch becoming one of the most beloved Disney characters.

Stitch’s Great Escape
Credit: Disney

While there isn’t much known about the new project, Dean Fleischer Camp (filmmaker of Marcel the Shell With Shoes On (2021)) is set to direct the film, which will be released straight to streaming on Disney+. Stitch will apparently be CG and the studio is still looking to cast Lilo and her older sister, Nani. The biggest news as of yet is that The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Zach Galifianakis of Hangover (2009) fame has signed on to the film, although no other details about his character have been released yet. Galifianakis hasn’t been on the big screen in years, instead focusing on various TV projects.

stitch ohana dining polynesian resort
Credit: Disney

Disney has had mixed success with adapting their animal-focused animated films in the past, and with a direct Disney+ release, it’ll be interesting to see the reaction to this latest project.

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