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The interior of Space 220, which overlooks a projection of Earth from space.

Credit: Disney


  1. Chris

    They should have been invited to leave and gotten charged the no show fee.

    1. Gary

      Well Influencer’s have no need to be there or tell Castmembers what to do.

  2. rteker

    another annoying wanna-be… there are a ton of vloggers that attend Disney world as well as all the various parks in Florida and they don’t put on airs like this wanna-be influencer. Take my advice about these influencers, IGNORE them because they think they should get things for free and handed to them on silver platters

    1. Sarge

      It’s pretty humorous to me that they claimed it’s ‘their job’ to do this.

  3. Steve

    That wanna be influence story just made me so happy! The more they are inconvenienced, the better I feel. I photobomb every shot I can while at Disneyland if I even think they are streaming. Maybe we can start a movement. Everyone photobomb or interupt any vlogger they can. Let’s all unite!!!!

    1. Sarge

      I would, but I’m not sure I’d be able to tell them apart from the hundreds of people just trying to take a nice family photo or video or whatever. Plus, there’s SO many you’d spend your entire day running from photobomb to photobomb lol.

      1. Marvin

        Not only that, you’d become a meme. Look! It’s the photobomb guy!! and have an advserse effect than that intended. :-S

    2. rteker

      But then why would you do this to the vloggers who actually are polite to every cast members/park employees and other park goers they encounter.

    3. Theresa

      Love it!!

    4. PLynn

      What a Great Idea! These “Influencers” are becoming such a pain in the Bootie while in the parks!!

  4. Angela Bettens

    You should post the influencers name so we could be sure to unfollow them if we are.

    Behavior like is uncalled for and should not be rewarded with followers. I do like Steve’s idea.

    1. CB

      The reddit thread says it’s Spokesmayne (whoever the heck that is).

    2. Erin

      Influencer is a made up title. This is not a job- it’s a hobby. When “influencer”starts offering insurance, 401K, and other benefits, maybe I’ll recognize it as a job. People need to head back to the office and stop this nonsense.

  5. Buck Fiden

    All so-called “influencers” should be summarily executed.

    1. Autofill

      I second your proposal.

  6. Rroe

    Maybe these so called “influencers” should get a “REAL” job.

  7. JoeBryant

    “It’s their job!?” You have to be kidding me.

    1. VacaDad

      Sadly many of these “influencers” think they will go viral and get rich off their dumb opinions. Even several thousand subscribers is not enough to substitute for real income but they don’t care, they are content with a few hundred $ a month living at home or in a small apartment as long as they don’t have to grow up and get a real job that actually provides worthwhile contributions to society. lol

  8. Lynn Schaal

    It is not appropriate for anyone to “throw a fit” – wondering which one it was-

  9. Teri

    Give me a break. “Influencers” are nothing more than wanna be actors with no talent to be a real actor. Get a real job and stop feeling entitled.

  10. Phillysub

    Influencers should be called ‘sheep herders’.

  11. Disney Mom

    We have eaten at Space 220 3 times and no matter where you sit it’s a good seat. There is no reason to throw a tantrum. No matter who you THINK you are.

  12. VacaDad

    Disney please ban guests for bad behavior (influencer or not). Castmembers are the greatest! and we don’t need this type of influence on all the children around the parks. Should be the happiest place on earth, not entitled passholder land.

    1. Rteker

      Would be nice if they would but until the management grows a backbone and enforces their own policies, this won’t really happen

  13. Rich Fiege

    I don’t know of anyone who would miss the influencers. They’re nothing but a pain and expect to get their way. Hey, if they get the boot, I’m sure there are thousands of others who would love to get on Disney’s influencer list or whatever.

  14. Chris Wood

    Influencers are just another name for entitled millenials and gen z infant adults, who have no life and only care about what other equally useless human beings think. They have no real prospects in life

  15. Shagi

    When are people going to learn that “influencers” aren’t real? It’s a made up term so they can act entitled and deem themselves important

    1. Jen

      And don’t forget it’s so they can try and get free stuff.

  16. Jen

    There’s nothing about an “influencer” vlog that I would miss. They may claim that this is their “job” but they don’t work for Disney so cast members don’t have to give in to their demands.

  17. Doug

    You do know that Disney itself, along with all these other companies, has caused this problem. They give these influencers free admissions, perks and swag so that the companies get free marketing employees and influence (pun intended) the flavor of their stories. Stop giving them free stuff and the majority of them will go away.

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