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A woman smiles wearing Princess Leia buns, taking a selfie with a black iPhone.

Credit: Disney


  1. Doris DuPriest

    I have been to many of the parks at various times and shocked at the things wear or not wear? It is downright vulgar. I am not a thin model or extremely obese but I take pride in what I wear. To pass a young female wearing less than a bra and is flopping wildly is gross and disgusting. Don’t people have personal dignity. Kids of all ages see this trash not to mention single men boyfriends and husbands. They are gonna look but if the dress code was unforced you would not have this problem. Shorts that are far more than Daisy Dukes!. Their cheeks are fully exposed as well as other unmentionables. It seems that the severely obese really go to extremes to flaunt so much of the lard that they have! Please Disney take charge and stop this obscene abuse

  2. Stacy

    Yes on HM ride it was paused several times during the beginning of the ride in the Doombuggy to clearly remind two particular guests repeatedly in a doombuggy ahead of our young visitors & the guests were doing something very intimate!!! it was so disgusting & very irritating that they would not CEASE so the ride could continue so our family could exit the ride ASAP!!!

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