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Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland

Credit: Disney


  1. faackanders2

    Both likely got charged and banned for life.

  2. Me

    Come on guys, don’t have sex at Disney, that’s a total Six Flags move

    1. Me

      But if it had of involved transpukes, it most likely would have been celebrated.

      1. Jamin

        What’s a transpuke? Is that your attempt at a clever slur against Trans people? You live close to Disney don’t you?

      2. What the hell is wrong with these sickos. I mean on a kids theme parks ride? Totally perverted.

      3. S.Peters

        Uncalled for. Do you honestly see with your own eyes thousands upon thousand of trans anything walking around. I don’t believe it’s as prevalent or as invasive as propaganda on all platforms want you to believe. And please think about this, the only way stop stop gay is for straight heterosexuals to stop procreating all together.

  3. Gary

    I hope they got the bums rush out and can never return!

  4. Em

    I don’t think a BJ is a family making activity

    1. Spitting in the water is very disrespectful. She should have swallowed.

    2. Me

      But if it had of involved transpukes, it most likely would have been celebrated.

      1. Jamin

        Wow. You went out of your way to copy and paste it here a second time! You’re really proud of that transphobic slur, aren’t you? Good for you. I’m glad you finally created something of lasting value for yourself.

      2. Wayne


  5. Shantel

    I remember when I was a teenager my family was leaving Disneyland we were stopped at a red-light and the car leaving next to us the lady was giving the guy head. My little brother had a female friend with us who didn’t know what that meant. We told her to ask her mom. My brother and his friend were either 8th or 9th grade at the time.

  6. Ibuddy66

    When he “disembarked” he shouted, “Yo HOE yo HOE a pirates life for me!”

  7. David

    She put the Ho in Yo Ho, yo!

    1. Dolcevita28

      And he’s not a yo HO HO Too? Double standards as usual.. he’s just as disgusting as she is..! Nit something you do on a ride at Disneyland Where many children are in attendance!

  8. Ben Dover

    Yet another way to get Johnny Depp’s name in there.

  9. P.C. Knott

    Poor girl. She has a boyfriend that only lasts about 8 minutes, or, she has a lot of experience.
    Yo ho matey, yer a ho!

  10. jonnyC

    Clearly you are on the low end of the gene pool if you think that’s how it works…then again, probably never had any practice either…

  11. Deezer nutzs

    Jeez too many uptight people. Banned for life is a bit drastic. I could see a year ban but life come on that’s ridiculous

    1. Deb

      It’s not though is it! If they want to behave that way it’s fine but not where kids are or myself for that matter,there’s a time and place and it was not on pirates.

    2. J young

      You do it once what’s stopping you from doing it again. Never being able to

    3. John Beagan

      Disney’s parks are private property so they can make rules and the punishments for violating the rules as they see fit. If you are a father, would you want your children to be exposed to such behavior?

    4. Merek

      Ban for life is extreme. Plus unfair to any future kids they might have (separately or together…) “But Mom – why CAN’T we go to Disney like all the other families…?”

    5. You putz

      You must be great at parties.

      They should have their lives ruined over a BJ?

      1. Jamin

        I don’t think he knows what its like yo get a BJ. Hated gonna hate

  12. Deazhere Nutz

    Wow some really uptight people. Ban for life is ridiculous. Kick out and maybe a year ban but life jeez people get over it

  13. Deb

    It’s not though is it! If they want to behave that way it’s fine but not where kids are or myself for that matter,there’s a time and place and it was not on pirates.

  14. Jack Burton


  15. María J. Nieves

    María J. Nieves

  16. Buck

    The same kind of thing happens a lot especially in the bathrooms during gay days at Disney World but you never hear anything about that. Wonder why

    1. Jamin

      Hey Buck…. Why do you know so much about both “gay days” and about what happens in other men’s bathroom stalls? What else do you guys do?

  17. Captain Jack's Revenge

    Well I guess we now know the answer to the question “does she spit or swallow.”

    1. Jamin

      Now you can go back and tell the rest of the nerds in your class the answer! What a great day for you!

  18. Paula

    Just remember, Disney has security cameras everywhere. Even in the dark. They can see EVERYTHING.

  19. Mason

    I dealt with this before. It was 2009 me (10) and my sister(12) had our first trip to Epcot and second overall Disney Trip. We went on the three Cabarellos ride and we had the misfortune of sitting behind a man and woman who made out most of the ride. It is sadly one of the most vivid Disney Park memories I have.

  20. Ron

    Hmmm, Maybe they thought it’s ok because Disney thinks it’s ok to discuss sex to very young children in school????

  21. SirRichard

    That’s what the family restroom is for!! They even supply a fold down table for just such an activity.

  22. Belle

    It happens more then you think, I worked at the parks in the 90s and people did it back then, the code they used was code protein spill, not sure if that code word has changed now.

  23. Rick Shaw

    This comes from a company that allows the exploitation of children. The agenda pushing and supporting the removal of parents rights….now they have morales

    1. TJD

      Clearly you have never actually read the bill because that’s NOT what it says at all. But, I wouldn’t expect anything else from a Trump-loving, transphobic low life.

    2. Gary

      No you Woke stupid people are one of the reasons Disney is having all these problems. ATTENTION EVERYONE hit these Woke people hard and pass the word around the world especially to loyal Walt Disney fans. WOKE must go from Disney & the USA the other countries will do the same. So get busy and and get at it for the DISNEY FAMILY sake. All active duty & Veterans with small kids, grandkids & Great Grandkids this is from a fellow Vet ( US ARMY ) & a Cousin to the Disney family.

  24. DRU

    There’s a lot of uptight Karen’s. It’s a BJ people don’t tell .e you never got one or gave one in a public place before. Besides the article says that there were no kids on the ride at the time if the felatio. 1 year ban is good enough. People telling stories about when they saw missing and felatios when they were 10/12 and being shocked, I was hiding watching porn when I was 5th/6th grade. Seeing people kids and doing sexual acts is something you see in Disney movies, what’s the big deal.

  25. MorngConqr13

    I’m sure they did get banned for life what they did was very wrong and not okay with children in that ride sad .

  26. Boycott Disney

    Let’s all do it for woke causes

  27. Mina

    The fact that people even want to put their mouth in area where people lack the most hygiene and likely had sweaty ⚽️ all day 🤮🤮

  28. AH

    As inappropriate as it was for that couple to have sex where children could see. It was even more disgusting for you to print “giving head” in a very public forum. My 10 yr old will read all about Disney from time to time and this was way beyond inappropriate. You used graphic words that you should not have. Not only disappointed in your choice of words, it was disgusting.Delete!!!!

  29. MrDark

    Disneyland, early oughts, teens started to do that in the Doombuggy next to us. Cast member came on the speaker in their ride and told them to knock it off, that it was a family attraction. They were shocked that they got caught.

    My wife and I got off the ride right before them. Proceeded to tell them, oh yes, all the dark rides are wired with infrared cameras so they see everything. And, rumor had it, they saved highlight reels to watch at new years eve parties.

    Never saw two kids turn a spookier shade of green so quickly. I’m willing to bet they behaved eternally on Disney rides.

  30. Dave

    Just prior to a Sweethearts event last year (2022), my wife caught a couple sneaking out of the single-seat bathrooms near the back of Tom Sawyer Island.

  31. We recently went to WDW Orlando. As we walked down a path behind the castle this guy jogged toward us in not-so-opaque bike shorts. He was clearly going commando because you we saw his uncircumcised p|=nis and b@lles literally flopping around from side to side as he jogged up the path towards lots of parents and kids.

    Two days later we went to Animal Kingdom. While waiting for the Disney bus to head back to our resort, this girl wearing flesh-toned super tight bike shorts got in line behind us. She was clearly not wearing underwear either as she was camel-toeing big time and you could see a huge mound of black p~bes around her camel toe. Her hair on her head was blond, but her obvious “rug” didn’t match her dyed “drapes”.

    It’s like, really? These people didn’t check themselves before going out in public around lots of kids that are eyeball height with adult crotches?

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