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Minnie Mouse altercation at Disneyland

Credit: @itsdwats


  1. D

    Automatic ban… maybe they will learn a lesson to be actual adults around not only their children but others! This behavior is appalling!!

  2. Jamir

    I agree they should be banned. If you are going to act like this especially around kids then you don’t need to be in the parks. I go there to get away from people like this. Unacceptable behavior.

  3. Robin

    I’m tired of this bad behavior then to add insult to bad behavior by pulling the race card. These characters can only stay out for regulated amounts of time. Don’t worry they will be back out.

  4. Darcy

    This behavior wether it be in Disneyland or the rest of the world, is getting out of hand. There is so much entitlement in many these days and it’s getting old. If you want to see a character, get in line like you’re supposed to and wait your turn. And set better examples for your children. There will be no change in the world when you’re continually showing your children the wrong way to act.

  5. Vanessa

    Poor kids. They have to witness this bad behavior from their parents. The kids will only grow up to act like their parents. The kids will think its ok to act that way.

  6. Kenji Farinelli

    Common courtesy has become not-so-common anymore. Regardless of the stresses of everyday life, or life while on vacation, we all need to recognize the limits of our “wants” when dealing with others whatever the place or situation might be. Each of us deserves dignity and compassion, but we also have an obligation to provide the same to others. No one gets a free pass on neglecting that obligation. This incident requires and demands official consequences for their boorish behavior.

  7. George Reynolds

    The thing to remember, is that these cast members work long hours!!! At some point whoever is wearing that costume is going to need to take at least four 20 minute breaks throughout the day!!!

  8. Joe

    It’s always black people!! They are so ghetto. And then they wonder why their race isn’t liked!

    1. BOBBY

      Wow ok lol

  9. MaryEllen

    We went to Disney World last year. It was crazy and people were rude – not the CM but others. My daughter was in line to order smoothies. The worker put two of the smoothies up on the counter and turned to get the other two. A woman walked up pushed in front of my daughter who had paid for the smoothies and took them and ran off. Seriously, an adult woman did this. There were groups of family members that had the same shirts on who were rude everywhere. LIke they were entitled to do whatever they wanted. The worker turned around looked at the woman running off, shook her head and made us two more.

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