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A Disney World Guest provokes a Disney Cast Member on Rise of the Resistance at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Credit: @ southerndisneybelle on TikTok


  1. Probably fed up from the 3 hour line. But I did see the later comment that it was a joke

  2. Phillysub

    Regardless of being a friend or not, you should never interfere with a CM trying to do their job. This sends a very bad message to the kooks that this type of behavior is ok. Ban her for life!

  3. Carey

    I don’t think this is worthy of being called news.

  4. Joe

    I don’t understand the “Disney Hollywood Studios” when Disneyland is in Anaheim no where close to Hollywood… plus people that dress up as a hoe at Disney should be kicked and banned for life. The park is for kids and the kid at heart. I’ve never seen a kid dressed up as a hoe or a pimp at the park for clout.

  5. Ruben Reynoso

    The other guests watching this scene unfold obviously don’t know that the two are friends. It makes others think that it’s OK to antagonize CMs like this. It sets a bad precedent. If I were a front facing employee, I would not want a friend playing this sort of prank on me. I’m sure the CM was not allowed to break character and explain to the park guests that this was his friend.

  6. Rod Simonson

    She should never have made it that far and should be banned from WDW.

  7. Brib Tosh

    She ruined the mood for everyone else. Another selfish and clueless influencer.

  8. Sky Wall

    Friend or not, this is rude. Posting the video invites others to be do the same. Definitely ruined the vibe for the rest of the participants.

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