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TRON Lightcycle / Run Lightcycles operating under the Upload Conduit at night

Credit: Disney


  1. Dale

    I rode it yesterday. I’m 65 and 245lbs. I had no trouble with the ride. Actually really enjoyed it. There was a set of seats in the back of the string for people who can’t lean forward or dirt in them. There was a man a small child in them. Not sure the issue. My son has had back surgery and was also able to ride. We thought it was excellent

    1. Patrick

      That’s really good to hear. I really don’t care about the .2% that can’t fit.

      1. Truth

        As a country we really need to lose weight. Other than a small % of people with medical problems, most are just lazy and lack will to stop eating so much.

      2. Nigel Rathbone

        Agreed, I don’t understand why the world should have to cater to the morbidly obese!?! I just was on a flight with a lady whose fat smashed me into the wall of the plane for 3 hours. Disgusting experience!!!!

    2. Ne

      Dirt in them?

      1. Bob

        BS nonsense. I’m 280 and I fit just fine in the FRONT ROW. Fun ride. But some people complain just to complain.

    3. DrT

      Maybe the fat folks and the disabled people just ride the one train car that is made for them that isn’t like a light cycle. Boom. Disney already thought of that, this ride has been in operation at other Disney parks for years, granted it’s a country with less obese people than here.

    4. Jennifer A

      That’s Great to hear about the seats in the back my 21 year old son is autistic and I’m not sure how he would feel leaning forward (if it’s too forward for him). He’s thin so he wouldn’t have a problem fitting it’s just the leaning forward that concerns me. Thank You

  2. Royz

    Tron Rollercoaster better suited to have been placed and themed in Epcot.

    Guess the Imagineers dont have their Mickey Mouse Ears on because they are not listening.

  3. Thomas

    This is the same thing with woke people identifying as whatever they think they are … well, you’re FAT! You can’t ‘woke’ yourself out of this one! Slim down to fit the ride and quit holding up the experience for the rest of us!

    1. Angus


    2. Mindy

      What does this have to do with being woke? I’m hard core left and super slender. I’ll ride this with no problem. We’re responsible for our own body types with the exceptions of height.

      1. Irv

        Woke? You must be a floridian no one else abuses that term.

        1. Shirley

          If you are Lizzo, don’t bother with Tron. Enough said.

          1. Cindy

            That’s a pretty petty reply. I actually think Lizzie would be fine in the regular seats offered.

          2. James

            No she wouldn’t, she’s a Hippo

        2. Naldo

          Only issue I found was length of ride time. Too short.

    3. Ali

      I thought you “anti woke” types boycott Disney??

      1. Laura

        That was my very first thought. Shouldn’t they be boycotting and let the real disney people have at it…

    4. Laura

      Wow. Rude as hell aren’t ya

      1. Mike

        They literally have a fat car at the back of one of the trains. Numerous bloggers have shown this on you tube.

    5. Lol

      Lol. As if Thomas would ever get off his EZ recliner to so much as clip his overgrown toe claws. Take your pills and go to bed, Dumpie.

      1. Poofy

        Why are the annoyed people the loudest 😑 Like honestly, how many people does it affect percentage wise. 5% 10%

    6. Super woke

      I’m curious how you feel about the Kelly family dummies who put lifts on their child’s sandals so he passes the height requirement? Look, I’m as woke as they come. Most of us understand that not every single human is entitled to every single experience under the sun. Sometimes something just isn’t for you, and that’s on being an adult. You’re being spoonfed this woke garbage by Infowars and what ever other dumpster fires youve aligned yourself with. go take your blood pressure meds and calm down.

      1. Disney sucks

        Woke is a pejorative.

  4. JJ

    We’ve allowed larger folks too much… not only is it more expensive it’s dangerous to keep accommodating larger people. I’m fat and I plan on losing weight to enjoy these rides myself. Larger people create safety problems. We’ve created a society of fatopia where you can be fat and no one is allowed to say mean things. Sorry but shaming them is the only way to get them to stop stuffing their faces. You didn’t become large overnight.

    1. Dan

      There’s an ADA car in a few of the trains… People jump on the hype train with 0 research. The ride is fun, nuff said. If you can’t sit in the ride without being comfortable, well, uhhh, not sure what to tell you then 😑

  5. Dave

    Instead of theme parks having to build rides for overweight guests maybe guests should live a healthy lifestyle to enjoy the rides. Also, not all rides should have to be ADA accessible, this is a thrill ride and should be treated as such.

    1. Arthur Rubin

      That’s not true. All rides have to be ADA accessible.

  6. Woke 🥳

    Overweight Americans complaining they can’t fit on the ride while heading for their 10th snack for the day at Disney. 🙄 Based on how the restraints work, making them accommodate larger people could cause problems for normal size guests.

  7. Jeff

    Hey, I’m a fan. And I think the ride is awesome, beautiful, and great for children.

    Okay, now feel free to write an article about how fans love the ride instead of trying nonstop to push this shaming narrative.

  8. Carl

    I rode it during the cast member early access. Very fast takeoff, nice ride and I’m a tall guy with a belly and had zero issue fitting. My complaint was it is way to short of a ride. Just under 2 minutes and people will complain about the long wait for such a short ride. As far as people fitting it will be their thigh size that may limit if they can fit. I’m just glad it is on the verge of opening, took way too long to be built.

  9. Dan

    Here’s an idea…don’t be fat.

  10. Mar

    Some activities aren’t for everyone. Get over it.

  11. Albert

    Hey! I’m fat. My wife likes the jiggle when we’re making luv. 😉

    1. john

      I hope there is a separate line for the lap bar seats at the rear.

  12. Kelly

    Previews are for adjustments before opening. I did many previews as a cast member. Tower was so rough and they changed it before opening. As far as accessibility goes, none of the rides have a plethora of those vehicles…how many will be enough for people???

  13. Mel

    I think the point people are missing is that Disney was known for making rides that are accessible to those with different builds (tall, or fat) AND if you were disabled. People keep complaining about how you shouldn’t be fat which is weird, but even so, what about the wheelchair users? I know every single person cannot ride rollercoasters but the goal is to accomodate AS MANY people as possible. Disney is supposed to be a place where they don’t discriminate against how you look or what body type you have, or how old you are. Imagination is for everyone, so should the rides.

    Also the point of these preliminary riders is to point out the flaws so that it may be fixed prior to the launch…that’s why they have trials…to test things…unless everyone forgot about that in school. This has nothing to do with “being woke” but actually using your brain.

  14. Ron

    I’m far. 5’8″ and 260 lbs. I could not fit on Mine Train, Slinky Dog, and one of the Harry Potter rides in Universal. I barely fit on Velocicoaster.

    I do not expect them to design a ride around me. I simply said, o’well maybe I should lose some weight if I really want to experience these rides.

  15. LiQuiDM3tH

    How are people shocked that a roller coaster isn’t designed for someone that’s unhealthy by being over weight and to the point of being out of shape far beyond just being lazy. Then to be upset that a person that is wheelchair bound probably won’t be able to ride either , even though they shouldn’t even be trying to in their conditions.
    Not everything can be accessible to everyone , there are restrictions and a reason a person needs to be in reasonably healthy condition to ride a roller coaster , even a kiddie coaster. If you didn’t know that or can’t fathom why than you are part of the problem.

  16. WeeksID

    Americans are fat (42% are obese and 30.7% are overweight). Disney should not have to design rides specifically for these lazy people!!!! Get off your butt and lose weight. Don’t blame Disney if you can’t fit on a ride. It’s your fault you are fat! I am going in May and can’t wait to ride Tron!

  17. Ne

    Dirt in them?

  18. Jay

    I don’t know what they are talking about. My buddy is in a wheel chair and he rode it. They have specific cars that are more like normal coaster seats to accommodate guests with disabilities and larger guests.

  19. Bread

    What kind of ridiculous article is this? Why should anyone cater to obese people when designing a thrill ride??

  20. James

    The average American, like the article says, is not having a problem with this ride. The average fat person is. As well most of the people complaining haven’t even ridden the ride yet. They’re just parroting what a very few are saying. I rode Tron in 2018 in Shanghai before I lost weight. At the time I weighed about 260lbs and am 6ft. Had no problems riding it, other than it’s very short and over quickly.

  21. Military mama

    I’d rather be called fat than woke.

  22. Military mama

    I’d rather be called fat than woke.

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